“The strength of the team is not each individual member… 

The strength of each member is the team! “

For a sports team to exist, you need a group of talented people who work together to achieve a common goal. The word team itself describes four great traits of a sportsperson… 





Starting from the “T”, Trust is most important in a team. If a team lacks trust,  it becomes weak. In an effective team, there needs to be trust between team members and coaches; and all the members need to trust themselves and their abilities. 

Most of the people participate in games for enjoyment and fun. If one likes a sport and finds it enjoyable, enthusiasm will automatically develop. 

Ambition gives the direction. Each team member and the team as a whole needs to have an ambition to achieve goal. 

Motivation allows the team to achieve a common goal because only when you are motivated for something, you work with full determination and perseverance. 

The acrostic of the word TEAM is full of great meaning. If each and every member of the sporting fraternity realizes it, then perhaps the sphere of sport would transform into a bountiful realm of joy, peace and friendliness. 

It is rightly said that ‘A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.’ So, be a part of the bundle and follow the ideals of teamwork.