Shades of black and blue dominate, 

The world has gone to sleep. 

The night has opened its gate, 

There’s darkness in the deep. 

It’s gloomy all around, 

There’s not a soul in sight;

Not even a flicker of sound, 

Just a wolf howling with its might. 

The flowers wave about, 

Full of dew are the lawns. 

The birds start coming out, 

With the first signs of dawn. 

There’s a change in the sky

Form blue to yellow, 

The darkness is waved goodbye, 

The breeze is pleasant. 

The sun appears amidst the clouds, 

The first rays of light gleam. 

The bird’s chirp aloud, 

It feels like just a dream! 

After gloom, there’s cheer. 

We just need to cope;

Time mends every tear, 

We must never lose hope! 

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