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Hi Everyone! Today is the time to have some Special Random Thoughts With Worthy Meanings. Actually today, after a long time I opened my old Facebook account. I saw the old conversations with my friends which made me a little bit emotional. It was just like the moment when someone put their hands on your pain. It felt the same with me too. All the memories and all the time which we spent together just made me realise that TIME NEVER STOPS. It is always in accelerated motion and you can’t change or revive those moments.

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Wish You Could Understand What All I Wanted

So, I thought to post something which we usually generally face in our life. Nope, I am not gonna to tell an inspirational story or motivational story or any spiritual thoughts or something like that. But as the topic “Special Random Thoughts With Worthy Meanings” conveys it’s meaning: It will be related to the random thoughts. Thoughts we sometimes say to our friends or to our families while having conversations. It can also happen when you are feeling alone or too much happy. Few words that touch our mind and heart and soul. The words or thoughts that really make us feel like our eternal love to come up with an eclectic mind which gives pleasure to yourself. That is what I am gonna to do. I hope you would really love these lines.

So let’s begin our Special Random Thoughts With Worthy Meanings in this arena:- B-)

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Random THoughts

 No matter what happens,

no matter how much patience it takes,

no matter how hard it is.

But mom is always there to support us,

although somewhere else is more comfortable,

but without kids, mom does not go…

because of a mother’s happiness

that lies beneath the heart of her.

Heart and the feeling “hand in hand“,
Causes “love and understanding“.
One day, the feeling has “disappeared“,
And let the “heart” be alone.
That’s what it makes “hurt and misunderstanding“.

I know I love you so much

because I know reality,

It is much better than my dreams,

As you are my life and mine is yours.

“Love is not a precious thing in life

because love is that

what it makes a life the

most valuable.”

Love, Faith and Commitment

will come together

when we will believe each other.

I have all till the times you are with me.”

Always Forgive and Forget

how bad people may treat you…

Instead, treat them right…

Because in this Life,

what comes around goes around.

 Life is learning.

We should learn everything

that can be done and

that cannot be done too.

These are the few Special Random Thoughts With Worthy Meanings. And this will get updated more and more.  It is the thoughts which have worthy values. Keep taking a few experiences every time. It will surely help you in upgrading yourself with new and better version of yourself. It will motivate you, inspire you to make you a better person from the every yesterday.

Thank You

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