Still remember the first day of school, 

Dad kissed me on forehead

And said, from now on

This is your second home, 

Go on and explore…

It was 2nd of April, 

Cannot explain how it felt, 

To enter the class. 

Was nervous, happy and excited at the most. 

The class teacher gave a smile and told me to sit, 

The there entered my best friend-to-be asking, may

I come in miss. 

That girl who is no miles apart, 

Chose me, to cry together and to laugh… 

Now it has been nearly 11 years, 

 building has changed, but the soul still the same, 

Same are the values the school taught me, 

And I plan to keep them forever with me, unchanged… 

Same is the smile teachers give, 

As if it’s the first day

And at the same time

As if they know you for years… 

Just one more year of this magical smile,
Just one more year of this heaven divine.
If given a chance to re-live,
Would love to return to my school life…
The life where there are no worries,
The amazing teachers and fabulous peers,
The place where I learnt to be me,
Just want to re-live each and every memory…
The memory of a perfect life spent
Whether it be the first punishment,
The first crush or the first heartbreak…
Don’t know how will I manage without them all
Friends, teachers and school…
They are my soul.
But then with this one year left,
I promise myself and the School
That will make the school proud with my deeds
And will show the world,
What difference a nice school can be…