Say NO to Pictures of Your Babies With Hashtag


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Say NO to Pictures of Your Babies With Hashtag

You all must be thinking what I am going to say. This topic is for all the young parents who are addicted to social media. Those who post their babies pictures on their social media account with #Hashtags (#) Hashtag. Say NO to Pictures of Your Babies With Hashtag. This article is sourced from:- NavBharat Delhi Times



Get aware, If you are too much active on your social media account and with this you post too many pictures. Pictures of your babies and overexposing them on your account then get careful. Because, nowadays, posting photos of your babies with hashtags are on trend. Make sure, it might fall you in trouble.  As there are some hashtags which will make unsafe the future of your babies if you post pictures of it. Against this, a new campaign has been launched in which more than 100 of hashtags are highlighted. Due to this, Say NO to Pictures of Your Babies With Hashtag.

More Than 90% Of Babies Are Present


More than 90% of babies get available on social media account within the age of 2 years. As the parents are posting each and everything of their child’s life. Videos or live videos from taking bath to their sleep, their eating, their habits, their playful nature, each and everything or their funny moments and spending the time of the family in vacations. And posts pictures also on their accounts. But they are unaware of the danger by the bad people who misuse these pictures. These pictures get misused by those peoples. In research, this case has been revealed that 90% or more of babies get registered on the social media account within 2 years of age. For this reason, Say NO to Pictures of Your Babies With Hashtag.

Do not use these type of hashtag

One non-profit organisation who runs CHILD RESCUE COALITION who rescue the child from the bad and insane people. They find, reveal and help police in making them get under-arrested. They have launched this campaign so that parents get awareness towards this. So that they don’t post their babies pic and make them overexpose. This campaign has been named as KIDS FOR PRIVACY. In this, More than 100 hashtags are included by which there is the danger of child’s future. This includes #pottytraining #bathtime etc like this common hashtags. It is believed from this campaign parents get awareness regarding this. And they will understand the privacy of their babies are also important as same as for an adult. Strictly follow this and Say NO to Pictures of Your Babies With Hashtag.

Pictures Might Get Misused

CHILD RESCUE COALITION’S CHIEF has stated one statement in which he said, “Parents posts pictures without any evil mind and share that details on the social media. But they are unaware of the thing that the evil people and sex criminals or abusers who are doing the worst and evilest work. These are doing such so by downloading those pictures or taking screenshots and posting on another website, or by using it in an insane way.

Everyone, please visit this site to know more in details about this thing:-


I hope everyone please get aware of this and shares this post as soon as possible to everyone. And to whom you love and care so that they don’t do such things. BEING HUMAN. DON’T SAY THANKS INSTEAD OF IT SHARE TO THREE PEOPLE AND SAY THEM ALSO TO DO THE SAME.  

# Say NO to Pictures of Your Babies With Hashtag.


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