Do you really want to use a new pen with your new phone? This is a big question you should answer when you have money ready for a new major Android phone.

The answer to this question will be important if you want to spray your money on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, or some other popular Android software, including the Galaxy S10 + maybe, or the Huawei P30 Pro, OnePlus 7 Pro. Only for kicks or one of the upcoming Google Pixel phones.

I think you like the concept of pen using a smartphone, because you continued to read it until now. This means that Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is something that interests you.

The visual effect you create on your phone is definitely a lasting one. A good start there and it becomes easy to convince a potential buyer. Think about it. Do you really buy anything that doesn’t look good?

A book, coaster, knives, clothes, shoes or even the new car you are looking for is definitely the design that attracts you to this choice at first. Smartphones are no different.

Either it’s beautiful, or it’s a bust. Users will not only buy a boring phone. There are phones that cross all the virtual limits of beauty. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, Note 10+, specifically, is one of those phones.

Pick up the Galaxy Note 10+, and it definitely looks the part. In a way, it looks more futuristic than any other phone stuck in my hand this year – trust me, there’s a lot more.

This thin head and chin as well as the curved screen that baffles the spine, just give it a plaque-like appearance.

And this big screen. In fact, there are not enough qualities to commend the Galaxy Note 10+ aesthetics and beauty. If the phone ever comes closer to being less bezel, this should be.

That’s before I turn the phone over. Samsung cancels this colorway Aura Glow as well, it certainly has an undeniable aura about it.

You can do this in Aura Black and Aura White too, but nothing matches the color mix and flow. This is all you need to note that this is a fingerprint magnet.

The remaining design elements are very similar, including the S-Pen cradle and USB-C. Weighs 196 grams, which is many, but it does not feel so.

This gauge measures only 7.9 mm, and does not represent anything in the larger objects scheme. But the biggest addition is the gorilla glass at the front and back.

Oh, and did you say how much I like to end up on the back

One thing, though, I haven’t used yet with most phones, for the power switch on the spine instead of the right side.

Which includes most Samsung Galaxy phones. This may be caused by changes made using the Bixby key. Additional Bixby keys and hot keys are configured to a physical key. I think the time will be the correct processor.

The highlight should be a 6.8 ” AMOLED display (3040 x 1440 resolution). Switch to this, and what you’ll see is probably the best smartphone screen you can set your eyes on now.

Large real estate really stands out strong points. It’s bright and fast and has a lot to offer for what you want to do on the phone.

In fact, no other phone is approaching this brightness level. You can bypass FHD + or HD + resolution to save battery, but doesn’t this visual behavior happen every time you unlock the screen?

However, it misses the feature of a 90 Hz display refresh rate, which can be a big miss when we evaluate our competitors after staying in line for a few months.

Oh, and did you say how much I like to end up on the back

In terms of specifications at the bottom of the cover, the Galaxy Note 10+ is probably more powerful than the laptop in your workstation. The Exynos 9825 processor is run, at least on phones sold in India.

Samsung offers the Galaxy Note 10+ in two different formats. Another 512 GB storage with 256 GB storage. Before you consider a memory card slot that can store up to 1 TB more space. This is an amazing amount of storage on the phone.

Trust me, you won’t be able to fill it easily, even if you start storing audio files without losing on it.

Then there is a small box of 12 GB of RAM that drives this pocket rocket, meaning you’ll need Herlian effort to reach your performance ceiling. This will not happen.

The software side of things and the One UI file for Android look familiar. For example, the cue is the same set of symbols in the Galaxy S10 series (at least my eyes can’t notice any difference).

It’s good to be familiar with most things in life, but I think Samsung missed the trick by not adding a doll of uniqueness to the interface, which would have made Galaxy Note 10 or more users feel more private.

Oh, and did you say how much I like to end up on the back

But until you pass the S-Pen, which opens a whole new list of options for the magic of the pen. After all, this pen is different from other Android phones. The function is similar to all Galaxy Note phones that you may know so far.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity to the phone, Samsung allows S-Pen to use the accelerometer sensor and gyroscope so you can carry out the gesture in the air.

That’s a little learning curve, but time will recover. Usual suspects – Notes, the ability to crawl notes even when the phone screen is locked, for example, place your comments on screen shots. Yes, you can convert text to text as well. It’s all very fun and productive.

All this power, performance and versatility does not come with any kind of leveling on the battery interface. This 4300mAh battery stops charging for about a day.