After a one-year hiatus (the first in his 47-year career), Ishi Kapoor is excited and looking forward to continuing his golden career.

The last time he was seen in films like Mulk and Rajma Chawal, the veteran actor will return with the remake of The Body, the big murder mystery and the Spanish mystery thriller of 2002, in which Imran Hashmi and Sobita Dhulipala played.

Directed by Malayalam Thriller-fame Jitu Joseph (his Bollywood debut), Kapoor will play the role of a police officer investigating the crime movie.

A seasoned actor has a second term, as he always said. “I now really have the opportunity to perform and earn awards on merit.”

While departing from his romantic portrayal, Kapoor has reinvented his golden character, gained acclaim through his superb and superb acting in films like Agnipath, D-Day, Kapoor and Sons, and, most recently, as the 75-year-old son of Amitabh Bachchan. He did not play out by 12, and the king was approved.

The body breaks its image again

Kapoor, who plays a policeman in thrill movies, is keen to play a variety of roles.

He says that he could never do that. “If I look at my chart, in my time when I was a hero, I only made films that I expected because of my romantic hero image.

Mr. Bachchan was the hero of the movement. We have not had the opportunity to do films like Vicky Donor, Bala and the Blind. These types of content were never created these days because fans weren’t ready for it. Today the audience has evolved.

They will not take this crap. In my time, each actor was making four to five films, all based on lost and existing films. If in my time, Vicky made Donner, they would have banned the movie.

“I’m glad this transition is happening,” he added, “but yes, I’ve also done some progressive films like Dusara Adami and One Pseudo’s Miley C, and a few more films but these films still haven’t been successful because people didn’t understand these films.”

“What is even more surprising is that today’s audiences are taking more and more of the leading actors on screen to see the character in the screen. This is a completely different scene today.

(Joseph) Me and Omran have made a movie about Hashemi, where we both play an important role in the movie. I don’t want to play normal dad. This is all rubbish.

I want to play after the hero, as good as the hero, no matter his age, but my character in the movie must have been very difficult, and it must have been one of the main characters in the story.

Otherwise the actors did not get the character. We love potatoes and carrots that can be mixed into any meal.

Whether you’re making biryani or something else, potatoes are perfect for anything. If we have talent and caliber we will contribute well but the dish is simply called biryani (laughs).

However, the actor is very tight-lipped about his next film, and he can’t offer too much. “It’s a suspense story, a new version, and I can’t tell you more about the story.

One can understand it only after watching the movie. But it is clear that there is no such genre as The Body Mulk or 12 Not Out because in those films I had a place to play it.

It’s more than an avant-garde movie, and you’ll be able to like it for its content but not much for the show. But then I have tried to keep a little on my side. ”

Work with the new manager

“My experience is great, so it becomes easier for me to work with any manager. Basically, I’m a manager of a manager.”

But there are some directors who are tough and very difficult, and this is reflected in my work. I decided not to work with them anymore.

It’s their loss, not mine. I’m not saying I’m the best actor in the world but I want some freedom to express myself. “I can’t tell you about my work,” says Ishi.

Kapoor also revealed that under the guise of guilt, Joseph was eager to lead him to the title of the new Indian edition, which eventually appeared with Ajay Devgn. Jithu drew the original visual and wanted me to do the Indian version.

If you look at the Tamil copy, he has a lotus smile. He was supposed to be the older son, not the kid … he was supposed to be the older son

But I’m not a great star. I couldn’t attract so much of the fans, and obviously they wouldn’t make the movie with me. ”

Refrain from taking on huge responsibilities – “I’m not a star, I’m an actor”

On the one hand, Kapoor is happy to play the central character, but he also rejects many films for fear of “carrying the burden of the entire movie.”

“I don’t want to do it because I’m worried about whether the movie will be sold at times.

If you play a key role, your responsibility is to create, showcase and get an audience.

He is then disappointed that the movie did not get a good copy. He flopped or a great movie took away all the theater.