Rise of encrypted web

How do browsers promote encryption?
Ilya Gregoric (Web Performance Engineer) and Pierre Farr (Product Manager) first had a discussion in Google I / O 2014 called ‘HTTPS Everyware’. In the video they state the need for encryption and ask all websites to start using it. He also announced that Google would consider it a ranking factor.

The US government has followed suit by suiting all government websites by the end of 2016 to make their public websites encrypted and more secure. The announcement came from the White House on 8 June 2015.

Google recently announced that HTTP websites with red padlock are indeed rumored. Google engineer Chris Palmer proposed some UI changes to make it clear that someone is browsing a non-secure website. What we do know is that Google is promoting the use of encryption and wants to make users aware and educated on the issue. Whether or not there will be a large Red Cross on non-secure websites in the future is unknown.

Three levels of digital certificate

A business owner should encrypt their data to protect their customers and personal data and a customer would like to see the identity of the business owner so that they can make an educated trust decision. A business owner should also consider how they want their business to be perceived by their potential customers and believe what they need from them to supply their personal information. This will vary depending on the brand and industry.

Extended Validation (EV)

The highest assurance level is the EV SSL certificate. For an eCommerce or financial website, an EV SSL certificate is a best practice. The EV SSL certificate provides the highest level of identity verification, enabling the familiar “green bar” in a browser displaying your company name. This allows website visitors to instantly see the identity of the owner of the website, providing instant confidence. You can find more information about different types of certificates here.

Organization Valid (OV)

The OV SSL certificate contains the company name and location, which enables website visitors to make an educated decision about the site they are visiting. A Certificate Authority (CA) will ensure that the person purchasing the certificate owns the domain, that the business is a registered business, and that person is authorized to request a certificate for that organization. If your business needs to provide its identity to external communications or website visitors, then this option of certificate fits well.

Domain Verified (DV)

If you only want to provide encryption, but don’t want to provide identity to your customers, then a DV SSL certificate is sufficient. This can be ordered through a fully automated process in minutes using a number of different domain verification methods. While the name means the encryption level is with each SSL certificate type, as the name suggests, DV SSL certificates are only domains valid. No identity assurance is given with these certificates. Because of this, website visitors have no idea with whom they are communicating.

Which certificate is best for me?

Because the DV SSL certificate only involves proving you a domain, it is much cheaper and faster to purchase. This is the major choice for companies who want a quick fix for their website security.

As mentioned above, this option is less a matter of how quickly you want to shop, or how cheaply you want to buy a certificate, but how much security will affect your brand, its identity and Trust with your customers and prospects. Based on your website and target audience, you should choose the certificate that meets your needs.

How is HTTPS Impact Ranking?

In the recent Mozcast, HTTPS results accounted for 25.9% of the top search results and the figure has been steadily increasing.With the increasing number of phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, it has become more clear that online identity needs to be proven and trusted so that people can have a safe online experience. A large part of this is in educating the end-users and Google is also aware that by influencing search rankings they can also draw attention to the matter to business owners and website administrators.

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