Every moment that passes by explains to us that we do not repeat only the old- centuries history. But also creates a new history by yourself. We Do not get recognized by the names of others, we will give new recognition to our self. This will be done by our Power of Determination, resolution and hard work. Create a symbol of your success. If we didn’t learn to open the eyes and see the state of things. We did not make any self-determination after being free of ideological insistence. And if we did not take the decision of right direction. Then that time would never come, for which we have been waiting.

Everyone can build a new future for themselves, around which the fundamental directions of thinking are revealed. Resolution for opening these directions is our huge power and this can be a very big change.
Three types of powers are mentioned in the scriptures –
The Power Of Willpower,
Power Of Determination
And Power Of Concentration.
These three powers have more or less quantity for every person. Nobody is inferior to these three powers.

How to awake Power of Determination

But the question is to awaken them. Resolving power that got up, can literally become invincible. Resolution is the only basis for awakening the individual, the society and the nation. If the resolution went to sleep, the nation would remain asleep. Therefore, the Power Of Determination is absolutely necessary for a successful and meaningful life.

Some people are scared of taking the resolution. They have no knowledge that no one can develop without resolution.

In the Upanishad it was said – Sankalpa Srishti: Any creation has happened, the new creation has happened. Then it is through resolution..

If you build a new house, sit down the new factory, then you have a long-term reflection on it. After contemplation, they are conceived for it, then by going somewhere, that resolution takes the shape of reality. Who cannot imagine the mind in the brain, he can not find the floor. Where the accepted resolutions do not follow, there is no follow-up. There is a lack of character, the relaxation comes, the person becomes weak.

Hard work, resolution and success

Hard work, resolution and success are a combination of these three. If there are hard work and resolution, then success is ensured. There is also a large sum of encouragement in it. If others do not get encouragement, especially from the guide, then interest to the resolution will not remain the same. And success also becomes suspicious. The person who has made the resolution does not have the proper endowment, there is a dimness in him. If you are a man and a prudent man, then the resolution becomes fruitful.

But it is important to know that at the beginning of the resolution there is a lot of wet soil. Pot cannot be filled with water instantly. The water will survive only when the pot will get in the flame. The difficult circumstances of life are the work of the flame. In this, the pot obtains the ability to hold and cool the water.

To have unique life- Have Determination

During this, we have to strengthen the resolution. Evaluating the resolution, it will bring great changes in life. In order to make life unique, we do not need to have the weapon, we need the resolution. With this it will remove distances in the process of thinking, decision and implementation, there will be a light of peace, and the path to the advancement of all will be paved.