If you are looking for a new platform to promote your business, I think I have found something for you. Pinterest has been around since March 2010 and has gathered over 200 million active users. This is not a wow number, especially compared to Facebook or Instagram, but people use the platform more actively. They enter the pintrest in search of a specific item, and they are ready to buy it. If you don’t know where to start our Pinterest strategy for beginners here.

55% of online shoppers in the United States choose Pinterest as their preferred social media platform. For a long time, Pinterest was considered a social network for women because they were major users.

But Pinterest is expanding into new markets as well as trying to attract male users, and now the ratios are over 50 – 50. The majority in the US are still women, but in emerging markets, particularly in Asia, Pinterest is as prevalent as men, as it is among female users.

To enjoy the fruits of this social medium you need a bulletproof pintest marketing strategy.

How to use Pinterest for business

Before we dive into more complex cases, let’s start with some basics. You need to cover them to be able to get the most out of your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Create a Pinterest Business Account.
There is a difference between a personal and business profile, and you don’t want to miss all the perks of a professional Pinterest account. First, you can use your business name for your profile instead of “name + last name”. And secondly, it is an essential step to access Pinterest analytics. Without analysis, you will not be able to measure the results of your actions.

Upload your PIN through your website, not from your computer

This is one of the most important Pinterest marketing tips. If you pin directly from your website, you provide a backlink to your website, and it can be an essential weapon in your SEO strategy. The more backlinks you have, the more reliable your site is for search engines. In addition, if someone links your PIN to your websites, it stays with the PIN. Another trick to sleeve up is to add a Pin It button to your site. In this way you get an additional source of backlinks directly from your audience.

Verify Your Website or Blog

When you verify your website or blog, all the pins that come from it will have your profile picture added next to them. Website verification is also another condition that you must meet to gain access to Pinterest analytics.
Using Pinterest for Marketing
You are ready to do the basics and pin. The first thing you need to do is create a board that is a collection of pins within a category.

Every board needs a board name and description. The name can only be one or two words, but the description is where you can get a lot of points. It looks like a meta description in Google. A good lesson will encourage users to take a look at your board and get them into a specific mindset.

A good rule of thumb: If someone lands on your Pinterest board via Google or through a search term on Pinterest, they should know what the board is. And here is one of the most important aspects of a viable Pinterest strategy – SEO.

Seo matters

As I’ve mentioned before, Pinterest is not only a social media network; It is also a search engine. So it is important to create a board and pin description according to SEO rules – in this way your pins will not only appear more on Pinterest, they can come up with traditional Google search.

Pinterest’s SEO rules are a piece of cake. You start by researching keywords related to your industry, as you probably do for your content posts.

When I first started my adventure with content marketing, I found posts about 8 powerful tools that make you incredibly helpful in keyword research. Keyword analysis is the most difficult part because after this you only have to associate the keywords with the names of your pin titles and images.

Choose the correct category

Ever wondered which topics and categories get the most buzz on Pinterest? Scholars at the University of Minnesota conducted a study on which patterns of activity attract attention. They were originally trying to figure out which categories are most popular among Pinterest users. As you can see there are three golden ones.