After many manufacturers announced plans to power their cars, they were issuing papers for the second-generation electric car, the new Nissan.

The world has changed a lot since the launch of the original worksheet in 28 and power is on everyone’s agenda

Although a company like Tesla can top a number of titles and add a spark to electronic cars, Nissan is a rich and truly experienced Leaf that can be adapted to more UK drivers.

Is this the hottest electric car on the road?

Design: Distribution of new paper

One of the first electric cars we’ve ever seen is the G-Whiz. We call the car, but it is hard to say with modesty what it really looks like.

It is needless to say that he was unfamiliar and had a strange hint as well as the original paper.

Some of this is due to the aerodynamic design, which looks for efficiency and we can see it for example like Hyundai Ionic and Toyota Prius.

However, the new paper removes the stain substantially from the weirdness EV may have on the old leaf design.

It now looks more modern, with a rinkel and corners on the body, and you’ll see any other 5-door hatch. In many ways this is a natural car.

On the plus side, people will not look at the design and decide to buy a golf instead (remember there is e-golf too), but at the same time (and it can be negative), the new paper may not be published as an EV.

Put it next to a new micro or kashkai and you will see the resemblance to the family and not as huge as the BMW i3.

Although we like a lot about design. Its size is proportional to the size of the competitive boot (more than the old leaf) and the contrast of the two colors of the contrasting roof color makes it completely modern, as the body has a white pearl and a metallic roof with black paint.

The blue accents remind you that this is an electric car (because the blue has turned into a colorful one for the EVs), the new headlights give you a sporty look.

With so many changes, the new Leaf has a huge appeal, whether you buy it for zero exhaust emissions or because you want a new car.

The only downside is that the rack from the windshield leads to a slightly thicker pole, and there is no substitute for elevating the steering wheel – a fairly simple complaint.

New interior paper

Slip in the driving seat and separate the old paper nicely. Again this is a step towards a more natural feeling.

About the only weariness of the old leaves is the drive selector handle and some glossy black plastic pieces left behind. However, everything seems more discreet now, with quality accents throughout the cabin.

We have only managed to raise the techno grade – the higher level of the pieces – so we cannot be entirely sure how this cut has changed to the lower level, but there is much to be appreciated at this top level.

The leather has blue stitching, which accentuates the front edge of the dashboard and elbow touch points, as well as the seats.

These seats are very comfortable and provide help to prevent you from rolling when you press these quick corners and make a sporting impression. At this level, you can get heated seats in the front and back, as well as a heated steering wheel.

The new stock design comes with other Nissans, as the 7 “central display (again, depending on trim level) provides a touch and button.

When you press the Map button on the screen, pressing the physical buttons minimizes fingerprints.

However, the 7-inch is not huge, and with more careful attention to the user interface, Nissan could develop into one of these large-screen physical buttons.

On the quality side, it has been improved by the likes of BMW or VW e-Golf, but it has an advantage over the Hyundai Ionic – though this is usually reflected in the prices of these models.

The new Nissan LAAF starts at just $ 21,990, but at the Techna it starts at $ 27,490

At the bottom of the middle column you’ll find a USB socket that sits on a small slot buggy to drop off your phone – displaying Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (yes!), A convenient design.

The strange flat drive selector remains from the old sheet and we are still surprised by its design. Why, does Leaf have this weird nubin when there are so many other apps for automation? Still, it gives a little personality and makes you feel like you’re sitting on a sheet.

Slide back and you will see that there is a noticeable area of ​​the head – even if the adult is 6 feet tall, but the knee space is not huge – but what about opening the huge five door in the back seat?