New life – 8 Tips how to start new life


A new morning, new day, new life, everything new. It is good to wake up to a new day and new hope that this day will bring something new in our life. This is for our happiness.  It is obvious that it is not easy to get transform easily. But we can start transforming our self for starting a new life. Let’s see the 8 tips on how to start a new life.

new life

1. Wake up Early

“Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes person healthy and wise.” Waking up early will make you feel fresh and healthy.

Early wake up

2. Go for a run 

After waking up, go for a run it. In morning, it is said fresh air breezes so it will make you feel fresh. The cold and pleasant air will make you feel calm and gives you pleasure. You can opt to go to gym, or meditation, yoga classes also. It will help you in getting fit and healthy too.

running pic

3. Turn off your phone

Get out from your phone and start doing the things which was left for later or you have planned. Do not waste your time in social media and all. Your time is precious so utilize it in a good manner.

4. Clean your room

Clean your room, bed, desk, wardrobe, bookshelf etc. As it is said, our room shows our feelings and emotion. It effects on your mindset also. Clean room will make you feel calm.

clean room

5. Change your style

Change yourself little by changing your hairstyle, little dressing style. Try something new. Dye your hair into some different colour. It will make you feel different and NEW YOU as same as a new life.

Change style

6. Change surroundings

You can change shift to a new place. This will help you a lot in new life. The surroundings will be new so it will soothe you.

change surroundings

7. Engage yourself in new hobbies

Come up with new hobbies to engage yourself. The new activity will make you more interesting with new things. It will help you in adjusting the life and would not get bored too will make you feel fascinated.

new hobbies

8. Say YES 

At first you refused to go out, to hang out, to party. But now say Yes. Say yes to everything and unlock the happiness of everything.

“Smiling is the best remedy to be healthy and fit.” And changing and starting your new life will bring that happiness. This is the key to become happy in your life. Guys just Keep on moving, Life is hard but not that much. It can be very great if you live on your own terms not on others.



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