Movies Not on Netflix You Should Buy Instead

Movies Not on Netflix You Should Buy Instead

Which of the best movies are not available on Netflix? Which classic Flix should be bought or rented elsewhere online?

This list is of course completely thematic, but here are 20 critically-acclaimed headlines that you can easily find anywhere other than Netflix.

1. Big Lebowski (1998)

Big Lebowski has once again maintained an off-the-shelf relationship with Netflix. It was cut in early 2015 to recover only a few months later. Towards the end of the year, it was again unavailable. It made a brief comeback in 2016 and again in 2018, but we didn’t see it after the US Netflix catalog.

The story mistakenly sees Slicker of Los Angeles as a millionaire. Hillary as a result.

Where to get it: iTunes, Google Play

2. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

None of the three movies in the Lord of the Rings trilogy are available on Netflix, so it makes sense to start with the first installment, The Fellowship of the Ring.

The Hobbit, Frodo Baggins inherited a mysterious ring from his uncle, and the story follows the quest to bring him back to Mount Dome away from his creator.

Where to get it: Amazon, VDW

3. Crouching Tiger, The Hidden Dragon (2000)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is one of the most famous Waxia movies in the world. The producers did not necessarily expect the film to become a global event, but it ended up taking the world by storm.

Made on a budget of just 17 million, the film grossed 3 213.5 million internationally. It grossed 128 8,128 million in the United States alone, making it the most successful foreign language film in history.

Where to get it: Amazon, Microsoft Store, iTunes, Google Play

4. Star Trek 2: Rag of Khan (1982)

Star Trek II: Widely regarded as the best track film of the early days, The Wart of Khan earned a world record at the box office on its first day of release.

This plot pitted Cork against his old nemesis, the genetically engineered superhuman, Khan Nunian Singh.

Where to get it: Amazon, Microsoft Store, Google Play

5. Mary Poppins (1964)

A good barometer of people’s love for a film is how much of its dialogue has gone into everyday language. Mary Poppins has certainly succeeded; “Supercalifrigilisticipialidosius” has inspired everything from newspaper headlines to Simpsons episodes (for fans of the series here are the best episodes of Simpsons).

Top 30 episodes of The Simpsons to watch now
In this article, we list the Simpsons episodes in the order of transmission. And these are the best episodes of Simpsons.

And here’s a fun fact: Mary Poppins is the only Disney film to win an Oscar nomination in Walt’s lifetime.

Where to get it: Amazon, Microsoft Store, iTunes, Google Play

Wall. Wolf on Wall Street (2013)

Wolf on Wall Street would be the movie that many thought Leonardo DiCaprio eventually won his first Oscar. In the end, Leo had to wait a few more years, but you’ll find this great dive in the excesses of Wall Street in the late 1980s.

Where to get it: Microsoft Store, iTunes, Google Play

7. Gravity (2013)

Wasn’t 2013 a great year for movies? The Wolf of Wall Street failed to win a single Oscar, probably due to the dominance of gravity.

The movie, which saw Sandra Bullock and George Clooney trapped in space after the collision, picked up seven awards at night.

Where to get it: Amazon, Microsoft Store, iTunes, Google Play

8. Toy Story (1995)

Loved by both children and adults, Toy Story was the first featured computer-animated film and the first release of Pixar.

The story is well known. Andy’s favorite toy Woody envies the newcomer Buzz Lightair. There is a difference between the two but in the end we have to work together.

Disney + is now home to all Disney and Pixar movie streaming, but you can buy this movie at any of the major online stores.

Where to get it: Amazon, Microsoft Store, iTunes, Google Play

9. The Godfather (1972)

The Godfather tells the story of the Italian-American Corleone family between 1945 and the end of World War II in 1955. It focuses on attempts to avenge the assassination of son Michael and his father Vito.

The film was nominated for three Oscars for Best Actor, Best Adaptive Screenplay and Best Picture.

Where to get it: Amazon, iTunes

10. Superman (1978)

At the time of release, Superman was the most expensive film in cinematic history. It had a budget of 55 55 million and earned অফিস 300 million in office revenue.

It was a startling feat considering the fact that it came before the modern-day superhero renaissance. However, was his success really in doubt with a cast list of Marlon Brando, Jean Hackman and Christopher Reeve, including Godfather screenwriter Mario Pujo?

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