Mobile World Congress (MWC) Highlights – The Future Now

100,000 delegates recently spent four days in Barcelona in what could be considered the world’s largest ‘mobile everything’ event. Eight large halls were packed with mobiles to do everything.On 26 February, there were 200,000 very sad feet and 200,000 baggy eyes with empty strings slowly spinning heads and leaving Barcelona with empty purses – the food stalls really knew how to capitalize… Next year, I will stock up on IKEA and Go Meatballs and bring my own BBQ.

Connected Cars & IoT

I counted at least four Audi R8s, a BMW X5, a Skoda, a Ford, two Fiat and a strange small car. Connected cars and IoT were big topics in Barcelona this year. I had some discussions with IoT exhibitors and it seems that they are actually aware of security issues, or at least they are paying attention. As an old PKI product manager, it warmed my heart to hear that certificates were mentioned in a few places.

Mobile authentication

A large number were announced at MWC. two billion!  GSMA’s goal was to announce the one billion mark, but mobile network operators thought differently and increasingly adopted Mobile Connect – especially in Asian markets. This is a large number, but how many active users are there?

This is clearly evident when you look at some real-life online services that can accept Mobile Connect authentication / identity. There are fewer than ten, or time of MWC. This is going to change – the number of enabled users is also enticing for online services and the number of enabled users is only going to increase.

GlobalSign had many interesting discussions about mobile connect with various parties and gained a lot of information. We are also known as “impure” vendors, meaning that GlobalSign is not a pure-play mobile connect technology vendor. And they were right, kind of – you can just use the GlobalSign Mobile Connect solution for Mobile Connect and stay a pure-play provider, but from our point of view and to get service providers and become a true identity provider For success, you should offer options for Mobile Connect. If you restrict yourself as a mobile network operator to a single technology, you will restrict your potential customers – service providers.

On-boarding service provider is important to connect mobile.

If mobile network operators fail, Mobile Connect will fail. There are many avenues for service providers from Mobile Connect. They can develop social identities by integrating them with their services, and with Mobile Connect. For B2B cases, it can start with O365 or Google for business recognition and grow from Mobile Connect. For government services, it can be an EID card, or in some countries, a mobile PKI or bank ID and then Mobile Connect, or they can go directly to Mobile Connect. Options exist and if you as a mobile network operator can facilitate these paths, making it easier for the online service provider, you will ensure that Mobile Connect succeeds.

The fact is that with a product like GlobalSign SSO,

you can link the online identity of social, business, bank, service provider and government to Mobile Connect. Your online service providers probably have vast identity databases and use these third party identities. With a user-driven federation, you let the user create links between these identities and switch from third-party identities to Mobile Connect. Our product ensures that the same information that was available from a third party source is delivered to the online service provider (with the user’s consent).

This is why GlobalSign has multiple protocol supported,

comprehensive and flexible management features and identity and delegated authority management functions to complement Mobile Connect. But like I said – you can use our technology to become a pure-play mobile connect provider and if you later find out that you want to extend your support to other protocols, this is part of our admin console There will be only five minutes of configuration work by using.

Mobile App Security

His smart phone app was also showcased in Innovation City. I must admit, this is a very intuitive and elegant app. The notion that many newcomers to our stand counted MePIN as just another smart phone authentication app. This mistake is easy to make due to the good user experience and smooth functionality.

How difficult it is to develop a secure app, like MePIN has done. Within the system, several security measures have been implemented to make the app as safe as possible.

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