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In an increasingly globalized, technology-driven and competitive world, traditional innovation methods for large companies do not work any more. Over the years, these companies have been struggling to cope with a global digital transformation process and optimize their processes quickly and effectively.

Mobile ticket

In Mobile Dialogue you will find various options and advice from leading international experts on how to innovate in new ways and new ways. Mobile Talk will allow you to be part of the discussion and think about the challenges of digital transformation and share experiences about it.

Corporate Undertaking: Geological Structures Start Through

Thanks to Barcelona Tech City, Apimbh was invited to this first mobile talk and was delighted to be part of the discussion. The first mobile talk took place on 11 October at the Mobile World Center in Barcelona. Speakers from various countries were invited to analyze the potential of corporate enterprise as an innovation tool for corporations worldwide.

We saw how multinational companies cope with their digital transformation processes, and how startups develop and adopt new innovations in collaboration with corporate venturing. This event was very interesting and without doubt we will go to the next people as you have a chance to talk with the people driving innovation in the world.

Why start?

Perhaps you have read this or last year’s news that corporations are working on more and more capital, investing their money in startup companies working on the next big thing. In the US, large companies use startups as their competitive advantage and they do this for many years, in Europe it is still fairly new and here companies have a lot of potential to grow in this way and the first Mover is profit.

I follow several tech magazines, and every week I see more than 10 news stories about how various big companies buy promising startups. As discussed earlier, for larger companies, it is actually cheaper to buy a startup specializing in the area in which they want to invest rather than spend time and build energy building from scratch . Don’t try to reinforce the wheel, look for startups that are successful in this industry and that can bring change in your company.

And Sarah Lewis, head of IT relations at John Lewis, said she prefers working with startups because they are fresh-minded and can work more quickly than larger suppliers.

Starting Through Innovation: FACTS

Samsung said it would invest $ 1.2 billion over four years in US startups working on the Internet of Things application.
ZTE Corp to set up $ 180 million fund to diversify mobile application and technology startups
HP Inc. set up a $ 50 million venture fund and an incubator for cloud startups

financial Times

FT works with Collider on a program for its product, technology and commercial team with the goal of encouraging new ideas and answering questions on how to best serve customers and readers in the future.

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If you ever ask yourself who created the hashtag? Well, then here you will get the answer – Chris. He likes Twitter and shares everything he finds interesting about the UX design theme.

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Elliott, Creative Director of Adobe Typekit, is a designer and illustrator based in Bristol, England. On Twitter he shares his thoughts about design trends and useful suggestions on user experience.

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Mike has worked on some exciting projects over the last 10 years. He went to work for Apple, where he created user interfaces and artwork for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X. He founded Push Pop Press, a publishing company bought by Facebook in 2011, and now runs the design for Facebook Paper. His Twitter is very interesting, because you will always be the first to know what is going on in the world of big players in terms of UX design.

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