Once the man met the bird, he said
“One day I too will fly! “
The little bird laughed and mocked at him-
“For you, the sky is too high!! “
But he didn’t lose heart and finally one day
Man was able to touch the sky!
He worked hard to invent the aero plane
With which he could easily fly!
Another day the cheetah met him,
Man said “Someday I’d run faster than you!”
The cheetah also laughed and mocked-
“Poor man, your dreams will never come true!”
But man was not despaired… He invented the car,
And in his shining car he sped…
When he showed the car to the cheetah,
With shame, the cheetah turned red!
Man proved that his wisdom and efforts,
Were truly the greatest!
Among all creations of god,
Man is certainly the best!!