Magizhchi in Mumbai How Rajinikanth helped a fan find a brief sense

Magizhchi in Mumbai: How Rajinikanth helped a fan find a brief sense

I landed on the beach of Mumbai at the end of the 21st. I am a pretty Tamil boy from Bengaluru. This was my first home invasion.

I was expecting the next charge in my chosen case (well, a higher legal version than the older brother) but there were more plans for luck.

Mumbai didn’t work for me. When I was upset in the city, I had a strange appearance.

I was forced to feel that something was wrong with me that I was guilty of physically weak mama.

I tried to tap or drink him at Mumbai’s famous spirits or something else. However, with more efforts to try to love the city, my business suffered.

It was a time of non-existence; I was living in a UN inclusive and uninterrupted stream. I integrated my peak and happiness with the high and low tide of the Mumbai Sea coord it was not the language, the people or the weather.

By no means was I compatible with City Mechanics. It was as if I was in a Lost in Translation movie, I’m not sarcastic, and the signature whiskey and scarlet of santori shank were not found in the amboli.

At this time, the Kabala trailer was launched. As Rajinikanth himself said in an earlier movie: “Nan eppo veruven, apd veruvennu yarukkum thieriyathu.”

Ana Vera Vendia Nerathula Modification Vanduhaven (No one can decide when to come or when to come, but I will be there in time). “He was here.” And my soul felt light.

My days are now countdown to cinema. Some days seem to be moving fast some days are slow. But annoyingly, the songs keep me going

The problem is, I didn’t have anyone sharing this moment in my post. There was no Tamil.

Then one day I saw a boy from Ambarnath repeatedly watching the trailer on his mobile phone. Like a shy boyfriend, she came to him quietly and smiled. She looked back and smiled.

There was a spark and we slowly started talking about our Thalaivor Rajini. (Or he proudly called him, “Thalaiva.”) Soon, a boy from Matunga joined the discussion. In all my self-pity I forgot that even if you do not get any person from Tamil, you will still find Rajinikathi fans somehow.

Soon our morning greeting place was replaced by “Neruppu Da”. We call “Magizchi!” Passing along I was praising each other. When some of us did something ridiculous like nailing paper in a box, “Kabali da” went to the quarters.

We had the feeling of forming a brand new community, a new language, new words for expressing old ideas, a new way to find relationships between unity functions.

I knew it must be a temporary commune, sensitive Roma clan that lasted until the first day, Premier. However it was worth it.

Fever spread to the office. Occasionally at first with the slightest signs of eruption. There are still a few foreigners. He then becomes a settler.

Meetings were paid, calls were made, services were requested, strings were withdrawn, and the whole office soon received a ticket for “9.4”. Most of them were surprised at the time and double-checked if the time was right. It was reassured to the people that it was right

Their concern, which turned out to be the ultimate joy, made all the “bodo yogurt” and lingerie jokes worth it. It was the happiest of all time. They could have driven the boy out of Tamil Nadu, but here came the Tamil Nadu, in the original Rajni style.

It was a rainy morning in Mumbai, but people were lining up outside the stage at four in the morning.

I felt crazy and remembered the time when another Rajinikanth movie was released in Bengaluru, with some excitement over the Cauvery water problem: around one hundred policemen were on hand to prevent any riot; A man was arrested for trying to throw a camphor on his hands after praising Talbar. He was released before the inaugural title game.

The cops were in our midst, forgetting about riot gear and side shoulders. This was probably my problem when I was looking for a home that I thought would probably make my home a new place.

We entered and took our places soon. The theater seemed empty, though we had about a hundred. It was amazing to see Rajini’s incredible movie. But we were here.

He called himself an Indian critic

The lights faded and a “super star” appeared. I got confused and continued in a time and place where geography and linear time were meaningless. I was home Finally.

The movie was about Tamils ​​and fighting to prove their identity in a foreign country.

Coincidentally, or looking for patterns when they didn’t exist? I realized that the struggle continued, only the context continued to change.

The lights came on again. The feeling of the momentum that has come has finally been restored. Time went by again, and geography was very relevant now.

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