We know the classic rock anthem. Songs that have become symbolized by pins over the years for the largest and best rock bands in the world.

You know that when you see Bruce Springsteen “Born to Run”, it will be an eccentric lyric in Encore; when you see the Rolling Stones gaps between the entire crowd, “(I can’t get no) contentment”, when they read every word of “Night Moves” From Bob Seger or “Hotel California” in Eagles, the crowd will happily close their eyes in their eyes.

Those are the songs that have become the highlights of the biggest live rock shows over the years. But they cannot remember their special moments as the next wave of festival titles and squares, songs that have become the focus of the next wave of great live rock show.

From Florence and the Machine, Brandy Carlyle to John Mayer and Killers, National to Twenty One Pilots, these are the most vibrant songs in rock music right now.

Florence and the Machine, “Dog Days Ended”

Florence Welch and her gods have become one of the strongest living works in music over the years.

As the headline status of the festival rises, the Powerhouse live collection has consistently shown the quality, beauty and power that has brought viewers into a state of excitement.

The centerpiece of this experience in recent years has been the stunning “Days of Dogs Over”, where Welch first pronounces, then lightly refuses his phone to enjoy a collective experience in which the song Rampage involves jumping.

The results are healing, healing, spiritual, and rash eruption. It’s a fun song as you experience music today.

The National “fake empire” and “master of November”

Like Florence and The Machine, National became the amazing contender for the most powerful live show in rock music.

With a blend of brainstorming beauty songs with an unexpected passion and talent man Matt Berninger and the stunning musicians of the band, they are constantly fascinating audiences, as they did on Monday at the Greek Theater in The Last, in fact, the superiority of their programs and many can not miss the moments that inspired this list.

No wonder I couldn’t pick just one song.

The stunning hustle and rocky closure of Springsteen represent the “Fake Empire”, with the guitars raised on each side of the century section, making this a visually and visually exciting moment.

Equally is “Mr. November”, while one of Binginger’s finest vocal moments kills the crowd in a frenzied scream, “f ** k won’t kill us.” Two can’t remember the band.

Twenty-one pilots, Car Radio

Testimony to the brilliance of the production of Twenty One Pilot, this rocky song that eventually culminated in the massive dance track kicks off in the regular part of the live bi-billiard and platinum shows.

Like other songs on this list, “Car Radio” inspires a sense of community and a complete release for those who spend five delightful minutes and waste them in the energy of the song.

Brandy Carlyle, “The Joke”

While many of these songs became an anthem of night performances, the legend of “The Joke” was composed mainly in one night.

Playing at the moment of his breakthrough from the past, Carl showed the whole world that his fans already knew, his vocals are as strong and shaking the earth as the over-11-year-old Crook Rock Rock. After not giving in to such a large stage of Carlyle.

Best performance at night, but one of Grammy’s most memorable performances, this song cannot be missed for a moment for the right fans.

John Meyer, “Slow Dance in a Burning Room”

Everyone who saw John Meyer knows the depth of his amazing talent.

The song, which combines his lyric composition and playing guitar, makes everyone from Eric Clapton to Body Guy want to play with Meyer and support him as one of the mainstream guitar talents in music today, has become the highlight in recent rounds.

There is no better way to describe the slow-burning crust of this song, which has a great title.

Nick Kaif, Jubilee Street

As wonderful as every artist on this list, there is simply nothing in music today, like the inconvenience, fire and ignition at Nick Cave’s 2018 show. The epic “Stagger Lee” may be one of the most transparent live songs.

In all music and also the best song of the cave is not lively.

The way the crowd was urged during the growing rush of “Jubilee Street” is almost inhumane.

The magnificent rock gods in eight minutes embody amazing power, beauty, angry cave and glorious evil seeds. It’s breathtaking, boring, mystical, spiritual and so on.