Introducing two women jet-set women running successful businesses in New York and London

Introducing two women jet-set women running successful businesses in New York and London

It is difficult to break into any industry. We talked to Edita Kurowska and Rachel Katzman, two very powerful women who run businesses in competitive areas – beauty and fitness.

Revell, p. The CEO of Hull, a fitness method performed by Victoria’s Secret Models, is located in New York, while Edita – known as Eddie – runs her beauty and eyelashes from London. Beginning as a makeup artist on opening shoots, film collections and commercials, Eddie helped to understand the geometry of the face.

Today, its loyal customer base includes Trani Woodall (herself aesthetic body), Sadie Frost, Lisa Snowdon, and Nomi Smart – among many others.

When you book to see Eddie, within a 90-minute appointment, she can painstakingly make a hundred lashes. The result is outrageous natural flutter.

Across the Atlantic, Rachel manages, builds and develops the P.volve fitness business built with her husband.

A combination of physical therapy and functional science, the exercises are designed to target and carve hard-to-reach areas. Based on tiny movements and step patterns that do not contain cracks, fillings or squats, the purpose is to work with your body and not against it.

In addition to a growing list of studios, P.volve offers online streaming platforms, including more than 75 experimental videos (can be filtered by body type, duration and equipment available). This modern woman who has a jet set has a talent indeed.

I used to work as a makeup artist to use big brands, brands and false eyelashes. It was difficult to find eyelashes that were particularly suitable for the shape of the eyes.

So, after a lot of research, I realized that individual eyelash extensions would be the best option for taking pictures, especially shot shots, where they are combined into a natural eyelash.

My work has been recognized as one of the most natural applications of the fact that people cannot discover all extensions.

In my case, the oral expression between my model and my clients helped me grow my business quickly. In the end, I stayed away from using makeup only to focus on eyelash extensions.

What can surprise people by working in the beauty industry? It can be very social, and I became a close friend with many of my clients. I went on holiday with the customer and even the bride at the client’s wedding.

Why are whip extensions particularly good for people who travel a lot? For starters, they are timepassing. Don’t worry about wet eyes or panda eyes or running kajal in wet weather.

You can walk in danger without makeup or jump into the sea without fear. I think this is less retained in my makeup bag, which is always useful when packing, especially with all the strict fluid laws and weight allowances.

What is the difference in the application of eyelashes? Through years of practice and my experience as a practicing artist, I now understand the different forms of the eye, as well as the eyebrows and facial forms.

Now, I put all this into consideration when choosing the length, thickness and curls.

I always make sure the eyelashes are positioned correctly. I always use false eyelashes for each actual whip, to make sure that the attachments are not too heavy and there is no damage.

What is your favorite land destination for travel and why

Japan of course. When I’m there, I really feel like I’m in another world. Delicious food, often understandable and an incredible lead train that takes you from Tokyo to Hiroshima in no time! It is one of these major countries, and it is the safest country I have traveled to.

I feel their work ethic, and I feel as if everyone is doing something all the time. People are shy, very polite and educated in a sweet way.

I love the world’s largest store Shiseido, where I can waste for hours and hours looking for beauty products.

How P.volve started and was not already available in the market at the time

My husband and founder of P.volve, Stephen Bistrino have been immersed in the world of fitness for 15 years and studied at the Gray Institute, where he learned the importance of functional science and how to strengthen the body with natural natural movements makes harmony, and fitness.

He moved to New York several years ago to become a coach and the women were puzzled about how his body reacted to high-intensity workouts by approaching him; they woke up rather than being slender and often suffered back and knee injuries.

After looking at individual trainings and individual training sessions, I realized that many of these women are trained like men – how they used to train football.

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