Increasing productivity for financial institutions

More than 400 million devices in 192 countries are running Windows 10. It is almost every country on the planet. How many of your employees use Windows 10 at home? And how do they feel about coming to work and struggling with an outdated operating system?

A few decades ago, workers in the financial services sector largely accepted the fact that their own kit was superior to the beige PCs and Clooney mobile phones used in the office. But today’s devices play a huge part in their daily lives and the technology gap is growing at an alarming rate.

This digital divide has been exacerbated by the fact that many financial institutions have invested heavily in digital services for their clients. If there is not equal internal investment, employees will not have the right technology to do their work. The result is lower productivity and an unhappy workforce that is less likely for the company to last long. After all, if an online customer has more visibility and access to the company’s backend system than an employee at their desk, something is clearly Amis.

Empower your workforce

A game-changer for financial services organizations, Windows 10 provides your workforce consumer-like operations and support experiences. The powerful features and familiar interfaces built into this secure operating system help your employees stay focused, maximize their time and complete tasks ahead of time.

For example, the information is easy to find with Cortana, a virtual personal assistant that can help users search the web, locate PC files, and send calendars.

Mobile workers can stay productive longer because Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 provide a more energy efficient web browsing experience. Providing users with 70% more battery life than Google Chrome 2.

Productivity depends on mobility

Their ability to work on any device is absolutely necessary for a productive workforce whenever and wherever it suits them. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s first truly mobile operating system, providing a consistent user experience across tablets, desktops and laptops. It is built on a common core providing Windows corporate apps that work on all devices.

So your employees can enjoy a seamless experience by switching between their PCs, tablets or smartphones. Universal Apps have the same look and feel on all devices. Content is stored and synced on OneDrive, making it possible to start a project on one device and then continue working with another for increased productivity.

Universal apps supported on Windows 10 include the Microsoft Office Suite,

which has been redesigned for touch optimization across devices. This makes it possible for mobile employees to create and edit Word documents and render PowerPoint slides and to create and update spreadsheets in Excel without using a keyboard or mouse. Along with the applications developed by Microsoft, financial institutions also have a wide range of apps on the Windows Store specifically designed to improve productivity.

Transforming customer experiences in our branches

With modern tools running on Windows 10, your employees can escape behind certain workstations to meet the customer, wherever they are at the branch. Mobile devices make it possible to do ‘line-busting’ so that your employees can process customer transactions while customers are still in the queue. In addition, Windows 10 technology can be used to power interactive, digital displays, enabling customers to self-serve and find relevant offers.

Connect with customers remotely

Windows devices allow financial advisors to engage with clients and provide client services. Advisors can create an engaging experience by sharing their screens to review a client’s financial information in real-time, delivering personalized recommendations.

Personalized Insurance Sales

Insurance agents can provide a more personalized and interactive client experience when they use Windows devices to help explain complex products. With secure access to customer data, agents can provide solutions specific to each customer.

Streamline Insurance Claims Management

With a device running Windows 10, adjusters can be more productive in the office, at home, or at home. They can capture data including signatures, take photographs and present claims in real time.

Sign documents anywhere

Windows Inc. is a new pen-friendly interface that anyone can use with a touchscreen computer or tablet. Document is an incredibly convenient app that will allow your employees to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from customers.

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