How Trump Undercuts His Own NASA Policy

How Trump Undercuts His Own NASA Policy

Several months ago, the Trump administration announced an urgent need for Apollo to return to the moon within five years. On Friday, President Trump told Twitter that NASA seemed to be focusing on the wrong goal.

The administration’s space policy aspects have been greatly appreciated, including a new focus on the moon, measures to reduce the risk of space debris from satellites and satellites, as well as a more forward-looking approach to larger space projects.

Many of these efforts were formulated by the National Space Council and restored under the direction of Mr. Trump, led by Vice President Mike Paine.

In February, Mr Pines announced a move to accelerate the moon landing from 2028 to 2024.

The criticism sparked that rapid policy was driven by politics – which happened when he was re-elected to Mr Trump’s second term – and not because of technical or scientific considerations.

NASA officials have not released an estimate for the expense of the accelerated moon program. They requested an additional budget of $ 6.6 billion for the fiscal year 2020, which begins on October 1.

Although Mr. Pines was the biggest fan of returning to the moon, Mr. Trump was in favor of a revised budget request when he was sent to Congress last month.

William H. At a NASA Advisory Board meeting last week. NASA’s assistant director of human exploration and management, Gerstenmaier, said congressional experts were unlikely to provide all the money needed to land on the moon in 2020, and the agency was likely to cut its budget for other areas of the space agency.

Hours after the tweets were sent, a White House official tried to clear Mr Trump’s money, saying that the space administration’s goals had not changed.

The Trump administration plans to accelerate a U.S. crew trip on Tuesday, seeking additional resources to travel to the moon over the next five years, the official added.

In light of Tuesday’s robotic missions, NASA Director Jim Bridenstein suspended the agency’s only comment on Mr Trump’s statement.

President Trump on Friday criticized NASA for promoting plans to return to the moon before exploring Mars, with Trump backing Trump in the early stages of his term and defending it last month.

A tweet sent from Air One on his return from Trump’s trip to Europe could not clarify whether he believed the strategy should be abandoned altogether or whether.

A White House official who has tweeted Trump and tried to minimize any differences between current policies.

“The goal of our administration was always to reach Mars,” the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly and asked not to be identified, said in an email.

After a tweet by NASA Administrator Jim Predenstein on Friday, Trump could not explain the impact of this tweet.

The policy to return to the moon was increased through the unanimous recommendation of the latest new National Space Board, chaired by Vice President Pence, following its first meeting in October 2017.

At the party where Trump signed the policy directive two months later, he said that the first return to the moon would “lay the groundwork for the ultimate mission on Mars, and perhaps one day later on to the universe.”

“Under my administration, we are returning @ NASA to greatness and going back to the moon, then Mars.”

For a time, Twitter has survived a joke about the president’s apparent claim that “the moon is part of Mars.”

It seems very clear to me that what the President is referring to is that NASA’s current plan states that missions on the moon could be the presenters of the final mission to Mars.

It is this plan that the president himself endorsed and was also endorsed by his vice president, who heads the White House’s space administration, especially in a speech in February in which he now appears to be masking something completely meaningless.

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