Here is something you already know: Blogging is an effective way to attract visitors to your website. In fact, you must have heard the horrific statistics from Statista, who say that 19 to 29 survey age of Internet users, 47 percent reported reading blogs regularly.

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But, does it fail to work for your business? After all, there is a lot of content on the web; And if your stuff is not up to par, you will never break out of the noise. So, how do you post a blog that Internet users will flock to?

Here are some ideas for writing solid business content that attracts an audience:

Write for your audience.

Sometimes, when business owners start blogging, their first instinct is to write about themselves. While blogging began as a format for online journaling, today it is not for a successful business blog. On the other hand, blogging for your business does not reveal your expertise. Nor are you using big words to look smart, or the jargon doesn’t make sense to leave users.

Instead, you need to create content that is useful and relevant to your target audience. According to research by journalism and electronic media professor Barbara Kaye at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, there are nine reasons readers take information from blogs. These include easily located information and information that provides guidance / opinion.

So, what kind of useful content do you want your audience to read? There are several ways to find out. First of all, if you have already started blogging, then check your analytics to see which posts are the most popular. This will give you an idea of ​​what your audience wants. You should create a detailed buyer person to help you find the interests of your audience. Also, look at what they are interested in where they hang online.

Not only does your content have to be useful to your audience, but it also has to be easy and enjoyable to read. Therefore, write in a casual way, as if you are talking to a friend. When your members can relate to you through your content, your audience will build a better relationship with you and your business. Other tips to make your content easier to read for your audience include:

Check your competition.

Another important step to writing better business content is to see what has already been successful for your competition. Finally, if you can’t beat em, join can em. Checking out competitors shows you what’s working and shows you that you can include something similar in your own business content for better results.

Start by reading the blogs of your biggest competitors to learn about the type of content they are producing.

Study the top material and understand what you can do to create something like this. How do their headlines compare to you? Which platforms are most busy? Which topics perform best? Your direct competition is following the same target audience as you, so by seeing what is working for them, you will create content that brings them to your website.

Don’t forget about SEO.

Even if your content is great, you have to consider SEO when creating it or users on the web will never have to search for it. SEO is important to attract visitors to your blog and website. In fact, Google has over 3.5 billion searches per day. So, if you want your business content to meet tons of users on the web, then you will need to create content keeping search engines in mind.

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First, think about how your target audience will usually find you on the web. For example, if your company makes budget software, your target audience may write “best budget software” in the Google search bar. You need to add that blog / key phrase to your content in a natural way, so that your blog post can be found in the top search results for that query.

You can have the best products and services in your industry. You can have an impressive website. You may have the necessary experience and knowledge for your customers. You can have all the elements that it takes to develop a business, but it is not without good marketing.

Your marketing plan and efforts are what sets a successful business apart from those who don’t make it. If no one sees what you offer, you cannot generate revenue. You have been made aware of good marketing and that is why you have bought products and services. 

Marketing can be expensive. You can pay for advertising and hire professionals. But, there are also ways to market your business for free and these strategies can be implemented when they are highly effective. You can use these strategies right now to develop your customer base and bring in more sales.

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1. Get interviewed on podcast.

According to Podcast Insights, 44 percent of the American population listened to podcasts. In the US, on average, 73 million people listen to podcasts every month. The number increases even more when you factor in global hearing.

This creates a great marketing opportunity for entrepreneurs.

You have the opportunity to pitch a podcast, interview on that show and market your business to new potential customers. Podcast listeners are great because they are engaged. They are preferred to subscribe to the guest’s email lists, follow the guest on social media and seriously consider purchasing the guests’ products and services.

There is no shortage of podcasts that you can pitch but many entrepreneurs get it wrong when they pitch. They send pitches that lead to who they are and what they do. no one cares. Instead, move your pitch with the specific value and takeaway you can bring to that podcaster’s audience.

Show them how you will educate your audience on your topic. After you add value you will get a chance to promote your business at the end of the show. How marketing should work in any way. You can search for guests using free services like radio guest list. You can also find shows on iTunes that match your theme and start pitching.