The growth of e-commerce and social media gave the hospitality industry a leg up – not only when it comes to finding, booking and managing accommodation, customer service, or online recommendations, but also social media marketing for hotels.

Imtiaz Ali, who is managing some of New York City’s biggest properties, is right:

Ten years ago, they would walk into a travel agency and the agent would influence their decision-making process, while today guests are completely independent and very well informed in choosing a hotel. There are publicly available reviews everywhere from major travel websites to hotel websites. Everything is transparent: good, bad and ugly.

Although online presence is more of a topic in the hotel industry than e-commerce and social media development, reviews, booking and management, it is time to increase your online presence and work on hotel social media marketing.

In this post, I will provide some ideas on how to use social media marketing for hotels. Here’s what I’ll cover:

Social Media Platform for Hotels
User-generated content in the hospitality industry
Content Marketing for Hotels
Chatbots for Hotels
Customer checkout
Behind the scenes
How to use social media marketing for hostels – It is impossible to tell in a blog post that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I will offer some hotel social media marketing ideas as an inspiration and inspiration.

Hotel & Social Media

There are lots of benefits of social media marketing for hotels: Social media is the best way to build and engage your audience, promote about your hotels and ultimately, get more customers. This is where consumers ask for housing recommendations, browse fan pages and make up their minds – it’s important for them to be there and the social marketing of your hotel is up and running.

It is important to remember that each social media platform is slightly different and serves different purposes.


The Mark Zuckerberg giant is a good all-rounder – a place to cross-reference other social media channels and websites. Your entire online presence on Facebook – engagement, photos, marketing campaigns, links, videos, should be a mix of your website content.

Page menu

Potential Facebook for Hotel Marketing is your tab that you can add to your profile’s menu: TripAdvisor reviews, Instagram feed, offers, Facebook hotel booking, map, rooms, or, if available, menus. In other words, you can put the most important options and information out there to make it easier for your potential customer to know your offer and to book a room at your location.

Review and engagement

Personally, when I look for an accommodation, I always check the Facebook page of a place first. I should say that it has some impact on my decision making – not sure if it works in digital marketing, but I always like to scan a location’s Facebook feed to see how they can get fans to their page See hotel ratings and customer feedback.

I believe that proper Facebook engagement and content, along with positive comments from satisfied guests, is a solid proof for me that the hotel takes care of its guests both online and offline.

Social media reaches

Another point goes to Facebook for social media reach and the ability of content to reach a wider audience – thanks to comments, tags, likes or shares, content can also be viewed by users who visit your hotel business page Do not follow but have friends who connect with your hotel Facebook content.

By the way, here we have a piece on how to measure the reach of social media.

Facebook Ads for Hotels

One of Facebook’s strong points are Facebook ads – with their help you can boost sales, for example, by reminding your guests to complete the reservation process, personal based on Facebook interest and online activities Show ads. Here is a good place to start with Facebook ads for hotels.


On the other hand, we have Twitter. How to use it best?

From what I see and read, Twitter seems to be a good tool for customer engagement – Sprout Social says that 47% of marketers agree that Twitter is the best social media channel for customer engagement.

Customer engagement increases with user-generated content and Twitter is a good place to showcase content you create.

There are some super cool examples of user-created content on Twitter in the hotel industry.


Make sure your online presence has room for Instagram hotel marketing. Instagram is all about visuals and there are some interesting statistics showing its potential in the hotel industry.

76% of travelers post pictures of their trips
96% of millennials post pictures of their travels
First of all, Instagram is a good place to show this.