When you have learned how to make a perfect first impression with your Pimple Out brand Instagram Bio (here are 7 things to keep in mind when writing Instagram, Bio) it’s time to rethink your content strategy.

Because you have one, don’t you? You should do

After seeing the first 9 photos on the Instagram account at first glance at the profile’s Bio people. Technically, those are the 9 most recent photos you’ve added. Those photos decide whether you earn people’s attention and their scrolls through your profile.

People go on social media to get to know you, your brand, your employees, products and mission. They choose a platform they enjoy the most and now, Instagram is one of the most popular. Photos are something that quickly catch the eye. Your visitors make a snap decision after seeing some of these pictures, whether they think they like what they see and want to start later.

In this article, I constantly share some tips on how to get the most from your brand’s Instagram profile with Grid.

Professional creative graphic designer desk


A grid is a layout of photos on your profile. It is like seeing all your photos together. Do not hesitate to say that this is the most important aspect of Instagram.

Are the pictures on your grid as someone scrolls through them? Or are they mixed, completely separate and unstructured? Take a look at your brand profile and check if it gives a consistent flow. It describes the profile and brand.
People follow because they love a certain type of content. So how to attract them?

The designer worked with color samples in his office.


First of all, you need to find your subject. Decide what you want to show, and define what will make you stand out and make your content consistent.

Here are some examples from different companies, industries in different sizes to inspire you.

You can stick to a specific color scheme:

People shoes

Or just one color, let’s say your brand is the color, and use it as an accent on your variety of photos still giving a sense of symmetry, like the recent HubSpot does:

You can tie in with very bright, well-lit shots or, conversely, photograph with prominent dark colors.


Denis the prescott
Another idea is to design a special graphics with the help of a graphic designer to add an artistic touch to all the photos in the grid.

Icon Agency
Matsuda Eyewear
Also, the way to edit photos and use specific filters and applications is a good idea to add harmony with multi-thematic photos.

But remember, even though it will be a product profile with product pictures, it does not mean that you need to do the same shot over and over again. Reach your brand personality and mission.

A great example of how to keep a product, share a mission, and deliver beautiful content. Seacoast landscape photography and watches can work together and captivate your audience.

In addition, you can play a creative game with everyday products you sell.

Lidl Poland

Whatever your choice, specific area, beauty, style, or color,
Tie those features so that you can get the maximum and maximum from the Instagram game.

I have already mentioned that people follow because they love the type of content. So when you suddenly post something different about what they use it for, people are not going to like that photo as much simply because it won’t be what they expected. To get engaged and liked make sure you provide the type of content that they use.

Okay, now that you choose a topic for your profile and how it will stand out, it is time to consider how to be consistent but not boring.

Designer or stylist is focusing on the work

Material Planning.

First of all, whether you decide to stick to a creative idea for your grid, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same kind of photos. As you can see on some examples above, you can show many aspects of your brand and company that are still consistent.

In addition, choosing a color scheme or filter makes it easier to unify mixed-theme photos. You can show your company’s backstage, introduce employees, show CSR activities, live coverage from events, products and user-generated content. And yet, the grid would be compatible if you think you want to post photos instead of just posting.