Maizon poured about $ 1.5 million into the Seattle city council election last week, aiming to defeat local, progressive politicians who support taxing big business opposing Mason.

It didn’t work

On Election Day, Amazon Maison’s major political mesmeris, Kashma Sawant, was originally trailed by 8 percent – but over the weekend, he declared victory after counting the votes, in which he defeated Amazon Maison’s supporter opponent by 3 percent. Score more. Election Heights suggests that only two of the seven Amazon-backed candidates will win, which means that the company’s efforts will be able to bow before the big business that will benefit Amazon.

The victory of Sawant, a socialist and former software engineer, has become a hotly contested battle at the latest match between Amazon and its hometown city council. Amazon City’s rapid rise in Seattle has allowed the city to transform into a tech powerhouse, but local politicians have blamed the rise in real estate and the well-being of the home for many of that city’s ailments. With.

Last year, the City Council voted to impose new taxes on about 5 275 large businesses per employee – known as the “main tax” – to help homeless services and low-income households. Problem Maison vehemently opposed the bill, arguing that the city’s problem was not a lack of money to spend but a waste of money.

With the passage of this tax, the battle between Amazon Maison and other Seattle businesses continued, and local leaders were finally able to repeal the tax.

New, similar taxes will now apply after the performance of Amazon-backed candidates in last week’s election. City Maison contributed 45 1.45 million to seven city council candidates for a political action committee supported by the Seattle of Commerce in hopes of choosing a more business-friendly slate of executives. But on Monday, it appeared that only two of the seven would win elections.

The council has a total of nine members, but they do not have two seats for the election this year. Local organizations spent $ 1 million on the race, according to Reuters.

Sawant has been criticizing Amazon Maison for the first time since being elected to २०१ in. He had organized several marches at the company’s headquarters to oppose the negative impact of Amazon Maison on Seattle.

It is possible that Amazon Mason’s cash donation was intended to keep her rally in her favor and defeat more voters, presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders tweeted about the presidential Mason conflict.

In fact, his opponent, Egan Orion, voiced that election night, as he would have been happy without the Maison Association.

But what of Netflix? The streaming pioneer claims that the data gives him the green light for the House of Cards, a series that has been praised by fans and award groups. Well, you don’t need statistics to tell you that the British Film Institute’s series adaptation has called it the best British series of the century, directed by two-time Academy Award winners Kevin Spacey and Star David. Can direct Fincher. This is why series bidding is done on most networks. And Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix, has also begun to change his tone. In २०१ In, they acknowledged that data represents only a percentage of the decision making process, and that a percentage of percentages are moving “upwards” with this decision. In 2018, this was the reverse of 30 percent of intestinal 70 percent of the data. By 2019, it was 80/20.

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