How To Propose Girl – Simple Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

Are you in Love? Are you planning on how to propose girl of your dream? Then you are in the right corner of the part. Here you will get the simple best romantic proposal ideas. You will be with the most creative ideas from here. And will turn out to the perfect proposal and can win your girl’s heart. There are millions of people around the world who is Looking for such ways. So that their girl gets fully enticing and says a “Big YES” to them. So here we are with trusted and successful ideas. Now, ARE YOU, READY GUYS, TO IMPRESS YOUR GIRLS?

Well, the proposal is a trending story and viral too. Everyone wants to make this memorable to be the mesmerising moments. That should be unforgettable and the happiest moment of the life. On this day, lots of creativity are done for making the day like a “Bloom in the plum.” So, your friends and strangers too tell and share this story. These days Proposal in such a way has become a great plan and action to try something new and the best proposal ever. Get ready To Bang with these ideas. Don’t Go Stay tuned:-

Found Your Dream Girl?

As now you have found your dream girl, now it’s to time to make her feel very special. Have to make her feel the princess. As if she is the only one you have ever seen. First thing and the most important thing of all, you need to gotta have “RING” (The best ring, expensive or best ring at an affordable price). Next Important thing is to get courage and speak up those precious phrases, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Rehearse little bit before saying those words.

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What Next? Any Guess? Any Guess? 

Yes,  You got it right. Next is the “PLAN”. Those ways which we have come for HOW TO PROPOSE GIRL. As everyone is aware of “HOME – SWEET HOME.” Then let’s get started with it.

HOME – SWEET HOME: Proposal Ideas At Home

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Nothing is much better and pleasurable than Home. So here are the ways How To Propose Girl being at home:-

1. Arrange a party and invite your friends, family and your girl at home

But there is something you need to come up with. That is, call friends and family a little bit before. Explain them with their parts and the plan as actually what is gonna to happen. Say them to wear T-shirts (letters written on it) holding balloons filled with helium. And when get arranged, it says “(your name) wanna be your soulmate?” And you come wearing Tee written, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” HEY? SEE HERE FOR SURE:- Friends will be arranged in the sequence from earlier. And She enters the house as soon as when your Bae sees this you pop up from somewhere wearing that Tee. And after her reaction and answer come up with your best thing that is RING. “Kneel Down and pull out a ring and say, “Marry Me, Juliet, You Will Never Have To Be Alone. I LOVE YOU AND THAT’S ALL I REALLY KNOW.

2. Best Morning & Surprise For Your Girl

How to Propose Girl | Home Proposal | Quotes Empire

Food is the best way to go to the heart via the stomach. So you can prepare a delicious breakfast for her and serve it as soon as she wakes up. Find something delicate and romantic breakfast like strawberry pancakes or according to her what she loves. After you deliver breakfast. Kneel down on one knee and pull out the ring And hand her with a Romantic love letter. Or you can do is in placing a ring in the corner of the tray. She would really love this lovely gesture of yours for her.

3. You know Old house Could do a lot? Or A wall too?

If you are shifting to a new house or you can do is by a wall. Painting it and writing upon it “All the reasons, Why she is the only one you have got in your head.” Or choosing the theme that can make a memorable day in her life. You can fill your room with all the photographs of your memories, cut-outs. You can either hang them pasting it on balloons or even create a collage on the walls. Create and write personalised messages, set up a dramatic lighting, fill the room with flowers, light up candles, be artistic, have fun, you can even cook a meal for your partner, pop up a bottle of champagne. And make it a reminiscence moment for her.

4. Homies Home – Making Delightful Evening With Creativity

The best and the most romantic one. You need to place some wonderful and interesting notes. Notes will be having different love and romantic quotes. With this giving hint where could be the next note around different parts of your house. End it while being in a room which is a little bit dark and having electrifying (Pikachuuu) arrangements with lights and candles. Making the surroundings tempting, desirable and arousing. She would just fall in love with this kind of things. At instant play a soundtrack from her favourite playlist making more intimate. Now, focus the lights on her and leading the path to the table which is decorated so sweetly and lovely. Now you appear kneeling on the ground on one knee. Having Box of the ring in your hand. For sure she will get mesmerized by such a humble and lovely Proposal.

5. Making Romantic Night With Lovely Gestures

Then make it more generous. Make it by preparing a meal for her without any clue to her. Give her a surprise by it. You can make it more intimate and bloom by playing the slow sound and romantic track as she comes back home. You can make it more passionate by candlelight dinner preparation within the home. Home and that room decorated with Notes attached here and there. Written about your girl. Finally, That one formula, in between or after the dinner that is “Ring.” Get down and Propose her.

These are the ways How To Propose Girl being at home.  These were the ways of homemade proposals.


How To Propose Girl | Public Proposal | Quotes Empire

6. Astonishing Proposal Message

Astonish your girl by taking her to the place where you first met. Or any special place where you have enjoyed your beautiful time together. Say someone to click the picture of two of you. But instead of posing propose her. Get down on your one knee. After this, ask out with the heart to her that what you wanted to ask.

7. Beach Proposal

Making the proposal more interesting through proposing on the Beach. While strolling on the beach during the sunrise. That windy air and making the moment more sparkling by kneeling down on your one knee. Pop out your question. “Will you marry me?’

8. On coast

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Get onto your toes on along the coast side. Making it more blooming option through that question. “Will you marry me?

9. Creative

If you know the Hotel Manager or the Manager of a Mall. You can say them to have a special arrangement for your dearest one. In front of all, you can take out your ring and ask for the marriage to her.

10. Choose Your Favourite Place

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Choose the favourite place of your choice or of her. Making the surrounding more romantic, you can propose your girl in front of all the public out there.

11. Street Bands

If you are on a street. And if there is a street band is there performing. You can join them by singing or dancing and joining her too or either you can make an announcement too. An announcement of proposing her in front of all. Making her shy and feeling too much love.

12. Romantic Walk

How To Propose Girl | Proposal | Quotes Empire

You can take your dream girl for a romantic walk. It can be to the garden, park, or for a coffee in a coffee shop. You can even take her to the most public place and can feel like it’s just the two of you there. Bend your knee in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of an iconic city proposal. These were the ways How To Propose Girl with creativity and For sure she can’t say no.

These are the ways How To Propose Girl in Public.  These were the ways of Public Proposals.


13 – Propose Your Love In The Plane

Firstly, make a plan to visit a romantic destination on your holiday with your dream girl. When you are on the plane and height of 30,000 feet above the ground. Tell your girl that you are going to the washroom. Instead of going there go to the front of the plane and use the loudspeaker to propose your love. (But first, you need to get a permission from a flight attendant in order to use the loudspeaker. But who will say no to this lovely proposal?)

14. Propose Your Love On Beach

How To Propose Girl | On Coast Proposal | Quotes Empire

Go to the beach and build a sandcastle together (at a safe distance from the ocean!). When your partner isn’t looking, put the ring on the highest tower. That will make her astonish and speechless. And at the same time kneel down on your one knee and propose her with a ring.

15. An Art Show Proposal

Invite her to An Art Show. There will be the sections made. At first, there will be some enlightening Arts placed there which will be related to Love. It will be leading the path to the section where everything that is displaying will be her.  In the centre, a ring will be placed with the written board display. “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

16. Historic Landmarks Proposal

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If you are unsure of how to propose. Choose a destination with historic landmarks. That marks the waterfront. Making everything peace and smoother. It will remark the proposal and will make it mesmerizing.

14. Cold Weather Romance

You both are a couple and cold weather. What an intimidating moment. Go on to the destination of the hills. And propose your love and feelings towards her. “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

15. Spring Weather love

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Spring weather too is really awesome and mesmerising. As the flowers will be blooming. That blowing wind that can create the surroundings more romantic. You can plan a picnic trip with your family and her. And can propose her there with some exciting preparation with the help of your family. You can propose her around flower or botanical garden. Or there are more things like planning to go to a beach in spring days or plan to decorate a garden more with the immensely cute and adorable looking texture to propose there your dream girl.

These are the ways How To Propose Girl at Destinations.  These were the ways of Destination Proposals.

19. Choose A Special Day

How To Propose Girl | Proposal | Quotes Empire

Choose a special day whether it is her birthday, New year, Christmas day, Valentine Day or your Birthday. Pick any of them according to you and proposer her. If you Choose the new year day then say her to be with you at 11:59 pm on 31st December. Then propose her with the fireworks by asking her, “this year was the best but couldn’t marry you. But will you marry me next year?” It will surely work for you in a “Big Yes.”  She will be excited and speechless for sure. And at 12:00 am, the time is to grab her hand in yours and put a beautiful ring on her finger. How romantic will it be? You can do this on Christmas Day or her Birthday also with according to the situation. These are the ways How To Propose Girl on a special day.


22. Propose Your Love In A Theater

This is one of the best techie proposals but only possible when you have high approaches or have contacts with the Manager or Operator or Owner of the theatre. You can make a clip with a few special notes of 1 or 1.5 minutes and ask the Operator to play that during the interval of the movie. It should sweet and lovely to propose your dream girl in an elegant way. Come with your lovely girl in interval time and plan it to take her by astonishment. It is one of the really best proposals. It’s gonna definitely work out for you.

23. Webpage Proposal

Create a website or webpage by designing it with the best layout and writing skills. Provide the love notes there and few details what you love about her.  And few images or you can create love quotes and images related to love. And leave a clue with the website address written on it- something special or don’t say a word. Propose your love through this method. It is new and awesome. Surely she will get surprised and will get excited.

24. Youtube Techy Proposal

You can make a video on youtube, Vevo video or Kinemaster or on many more. Streaming the proposal video on it for your dream girl. And Pop your query as according to yourself. Or can make a clip and put it on those where you are proposing your dream girl.  She would love it.

25. Radio Tech Proposal

It is another way to propose a girl in a romantic way. This way is widely used. At first, it was very hard to do this but as the technology has changed, it has become easy. There are many radio channels who have taken the initiative. They provide this service at a nominal cost or as free. And they do it by announcing at their channel or do this by your voice recording. The moment at which radio jockey announce this lovely proposal message of yours get set ready and kneel down to propose her with a ring.

(Note:- Be free at that and together with your girl and Turn ON the channel)

These are the ways How To Propose Girl using Technology method.  These were the ways of Technology proposals.


How To Propose Girl | Proposal | Quotes Empire

Proposing your girl at her workplace could be more exciting. Girls love that their man can proudly say that she is mine girl. So, it’s the best way to make her feel romantic and lovely with this gesture. You can reach to your girl’s office or class before they do and hide somewhere. When she comes just be prepared with the surprise for her, that is Ring and bouquet of flower. Coworkers can play a major role in planning this all. That could be very helpful to you. So these were the ways How to propose girl at work.


Proposals are so exciting and nerve-wracking too. Both of the things are present and keep revolving around the minds at the same time. Just figure out the best way to tell your love that You are in love with her. And BE YOU, keep everything exciting and but do not make it complicated. Keep in your mind what your girl likes and loves. So these were the ways How to Propose girl. I hope you would have got some best ideas to propose your dream girl.

Give yourself a little bit of time and come up with a spectacular idea.

Best of luck!