Have you ever found yourself struggling with writer’s block? Sooner or later it comes down to content creators, and it is not just authors who can be influenced by it. I heard that Adele also suffers from this!

Being a member of some online marketing communities like Growththeckers or Inbound.com ORG (such as in the process of closing down), I have come across this opportunity on several occasions. Simply putting that phrase in a search bar on the websites above will give you an idea of ​​how many pieces of content related to this topic are already out.

So, how to overcome writer’s block?

I also get stuck with content ideas. Sometimes the well dries up and no idea that comes to my mind feels good. If you let this feeling take over you, you may end up with a blank page for the week. Luckily, I have some solutions that inspire me that I would love to share with you!

Look for content marketing ideas on Reddit

I think most of you already know what a big part of a website Reddit is. For those who likewise, Reddit is the 13th largest website in the US and 37th globally. What’s more impressive is the number of regular visits. A look at traffic in the last 6 months: A chart presenting traffic on Reddit in the last 6 months

I was going to say that it consists of thousands of different sub-forums, known as subreddits, but I have just double-checked, and there are over a million sub-dits. Some of them are probably dead, but the number of 1,160,061 is huge! Out of all of them, you should focus on some of them which you will naturally engage based on your interest. At least what I do, and in addition to work-related topics, you can see something related to topics of interest to me, too (hello, / r / fifa and / r / football!): A word cloud of saberdits

You can find such a word cloud at metareddit.com.

Anyway, if you are a digital marketer like yourself, the image above may lead you to some subredits that you can be involved in in the search for creative ideas. / r / startups, / r / content_marketing, / r / PPC, they are all out for you.

You might think, okay man, how do I get ideas from there?

It is quite simple. Each subgroup gives you the option to sort presentations from other people based on performance: a subredit header

As you can see, you can filter posts according to a time frame and their performance such as hot, rising, top, and so on.

When you pick the top and combine it with All Time, you will see the best performing submissions that have ever been posted in a given subredit. Many of them should give you ideas as to what kind of content you can create, but also how such content resonates with the Reddit audience, if you consider promoting your content at some point. This is a separate discussion topic but you can definitely try it. A list of top presentations in a marketing subredit.

Although the screenshot above may not immediately provoke content ideas, it fully reflects what other people find content interesting and you repeat your own twist, until it is valuable to your target audience. And try to give.

Depending on the number of upvotes and comments, you can see that posts that provide data, numbers, and percentages generate high engagement and interest. Headlines like:

Last year we invested $ 70K in content marketing. We have crossed only $ 500K in revenue from this channel. Here’s what we did

You want to click on them instantly. Even though your marketing strategy has a focus, there are definitely success stories you can share with other people and describe in details with all the numbers how they changed over time. It is also not bad to share your mistakes and failures, what you have learned from them, and how they have helped you improve.

These are not just the top presentations you should look for when looking for inspiration. Thousands of subscribers (/ r / marketing itself has over a hundred thousand of them, let alone other subredits), so much content is posted there daily that I’m sure you’ll find something that appeals to you and your Makes ideas flow.

Q&A can be your best friend

If you haven’t used Quora yet, it’s high time you started! You do not need to answer questions, but simply browsing on the platform can benefit you a lot.

Although it is not as large as Reddit, Quora still claims 602 million visits in the last six months.