Former Kansas Air Force Detective Officer Samir Warden has been in a bitter fight over parenting for the past year.

So I was surprised to find that her scattered husband still seemed to know something about her spending. Did you buy a car How can he endure?

Mrs Warden asked her bank about the location of the computers that had accessed the bank account of the computers that had recently set her intelligence background and using her login credentials.

The bank returned with an answer: one of them was a national network of computers registered with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Mrs. Warden’s wife, Ann McClain, was a NASA astronaut decorated on a six-month mission at the International Space Station.

She was about to be part of NASA’s first women’s aviation aircraft. However, it appears that the couple’s inner problems are spreading outward in the world.

Mrs McLean acknowledged that she had access to the bank account from the place and that she insisted through a lawyer that she was taking care of the couple’s money, which is still cluttered. Mrs. Warden felt the other way.

She filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and her family, filed a complaint with the NASA Inspector General’s office, accusing Mrs. McLean of identity theft and improper access to Mrs. Warden’s own financial records.

Investigators at the Office of the Inspector General have since contacted Mrs Warden and Mrs McClain, trying to access what may be the first alleged criminal wrongdoing in space.

Five space agencies participating in the space station – from the United States, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada – have established mechanisms to deal with any judicial problems that arise when innovators orbit the earth together.

But Mark Sandell, director of the Cleveland State University Global Center for Space Law, says he’s unaware of any previous allegations of any crime committed in the space. NASA officials said they were unaware of any crime at the space station.

Mrs. McLean, now back on earth, was sworn in last week with the Inspector General.

He claims that he was always doing what he was asked to do with Mrs. Warden’s permission to make sure the family’s financial situation was healthy.

“He strongly denied that he had done anything inappropriate,” he added, adding his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said the astronauts were “fully cooperating.”

Mr Hardin said that the arrival of the bank from the space was an attempt to ensure that the lady had enough money.

The warden account is to pay the bills and take care of the child they raised. He states that Mrs. McLean did the same throughout the relationship, with Mrs. Warden’s full knowledge.

She also added that Ms. MacLean continued to use the password she had previously used and that the account was no longer restricted to Mrs. Warden.

The allegation of bank access to the space station is one of the complex legal issues arising in the era of space travel, which is expected to increase as space travel begins.

At 28, NASA launched a moving mission targeting the widow of a space engineer who was looking to sell Moon Rock.

In May 20, a Russian satellite was damaged in a China missile test after colliding with a debris from a satellite destroyed by China.

In 2017, an Austrian businessman filed a lawsuit against a space tourism company seeking to recover his deposit in exchange for a planned airline that did not move forward.

“Just because he is in space does not mean that he is not under the law,” Mr Sundell said.

Discovering a potential problem that could arise in any criminal case or litigation regarding offshore banking communications: NASA officials will be careful about opening highly sensitive computer networks for testing by lawyers, Mr Sundal said.

He said that such legal questions would be inevitable because people spend more time outside.

Describing the deterioration of the relationship between the two women who have been accused of McLean, it appears that the custody of the warden’s child was discussed before they met the two women.

McClain never made the baby, but it seems he grew up together and made some efforts to move forward in a formal way of adoption, a process that has created tension in the relationship.

Regarding McLean’s activity while at the International Space Station, it is hard to say whether the crime took place

It appears that McLean had access to an account that every woman had access to, and it appears that she was, at least in part, all of whom had legal claims for women.