While SEO costs less and are more sustainable, it is much more challenging to attract traffic and keep up with demand for content.

Therefore, if you want to make more sales, it is important that you integrate both, rather than running separate campaigns at different intervals. By doing this, content marketers can effectively increase the visibility of their brand, which will increase traffic. Higher traffic to your website means a better chance of driving conversions for you. Also, combining your SEO and PPC efforts can help you cut costs significantly.

In fact, an Adapt case study found that an integrated SEO and PPC campaign for a B2B marketer increased organic sessions by 55%. The market also experiences a 48% increase in revenue, yielding 223% ROI on their paid search campaigns. So how will you integrate SEO and PPC to increase your sales?

Use PPC data to optimize organic content

During the initial stages of your PPC campaign, you will experiment with broad match modified keywords to ensure that your ads appear in any search that contains your targeted keywords. For example, using “+ oven + safe + skillets” will show your ad in all searches that contain two keywords in any order.


By closely considering what search terms people are using when they click on your ads, you can get useful information about user intent. In other words, you can clearly understand what the relevant target audience is watching. You will then be able to use this data to optimize your content marketing strategy.

Take the top-converting longtail keywords from your PPC campaign and then use it to optimize organic content. This will not only help you to rank for relevant keywords, but will also attract the concerned audience by providing them the necessary information.

For example, suppose a lot of people who clicked on your ad had discovered “the best type of skeleton for ovens” for cast iron skeletons. In this case, you want to publish content that will guide shoppers to choose the best type of skeleton based on their cooking needs. If the content is valuable enough, it can attract a lot of potential customers who are in the market for cookware.

Also, it can prove to be of great benefit to you, as many of your contestants are not yet publishing this type of educational material. Also in the screenshot below, which shows the top organic results for “the best types of skillets for ovens”, Abbott is the only ecommerce retailer that comes up.


Stop fraud and improve time to reduce costs
Click fraud is a major issue that you need to drive more sales through an integrated SEO and PPC campaign. Unfortunately, the number of fraudulent clicks is increasing.

Pixalate reports that one in five desktop clicks during January 2017 was fraudulent. But now this number is increasing. And by the end of 2017, the number of fraudulent desktop clicks may be around one in three.

If you fail to click on fraud issues, you can lose thousands of dollars in advertising, and hundreds of potential sales. When running PPC campaigns, content marketers need to get maximum return on minimum advertising spend. This means that you need to make sure that most people who click on your ads end up buying.

But when you are a victim of click fraud, you mostly get ads that contain bots or people with malicious intent on your ad. This means that there is no opportunity to sell through those clicks. But you are still paying hundreds of dollars to get those clicks. Sometimes, your contestants may be behind all the click fraud you’re experiencing.

Worst of all, click fraud does not just affect your PPC campaign; It can also affect your organic search ranking. This is because it affects your resident time, which is the average amount of time people spend on your website after clicking on a link.