How to Greenwave Brings Unity to IoT Networks

How to Greenwave Brings Unity to IoT Networks

Greenwave Systems on Monday announced the expansion of its Exxon system to integrate machine-to-machine mobile networks and residential networks into fully managed network service.

Mobile operators, telecom operators, and service providers can use AXON to integrate different types of communication protocols for mobile IoT into a single IP-based language.

The company said the integrated service allows telecom operators to process billions of devices through Docker’s greenwave app. They can create new revenue streams by providing services on a managed network.

“Historically, the M2M service would operate on two different platforms – a mobile platform that subscribes to data, and an application platform that manages specific applications, such as tracking, monitoring or home automation. With AXON for mobile IoT, it is called Martin Munich, CEO of Greenway. Systems, platforms are now integrated into an all-in-one solution.

Removes old upgrade

Greenwave stated that AXON for mobile IoT has been integrated into existing operator systems, allowing them to provide IoT services on older platforms without further development.

The platform is designed to work with key IoT standards and allow new services to operate on both mobile networks and residential networks. The company said the advantage is the ability to quickly switch services between the two to suit customers’ specific needs.

The Exxon platform was used to monitor home networks, IoT devices, and media activities for end users. New capabilities include GPS location, long battery life, device tracking, and telemetry.

Additional features will include tracking and other sensor data for people and animals and cars. Security monitoring and control, health care data monitoring; Smart city application for pollution control, parking and traffic control.

It pushes the limits of mobile

The expansion of the platform is an example of how important mobile is to people and devices. Mobile is no longer an add-on or separate platform. Rather, it is the platform on which to base communications solutions and applications, Line 2 CEO Doug Brackbill has pointed out.

They accelerate the development and availability of magical experiences that truly provide end-users Pleases. ”

Hauschel of Greenwave said that the AXON platform, along with AXON for mobile IoT, gives mobile operators and telecom operators the ability to provide a wide range of IoT services, both residential and industrial.

“There are other solutions in the IoT market title subgroup,” he said, but in addition to AXON for mobile IoT, Greenwave’s AXON platform is unique to handle the IoT industrial group, including IoT Industrial, IoT for Consumers, and Two-Machine IoT machines on LAN, broadband and mobile networks in one platform. ”

Over the past fifteen years, I wrote end-of-the-year articles about where we are and that we are moving into technology more broadly in CRM. This year, when I reviewed my articles, I was surprised that the main topics that were important in 2019 will be equally important in 2020.

In my opinion there are many groups of things that have a sticking force.

Everything I’ve seen suggests that the platform will be a bigger story than it actually is, and there are similarities between the presence of cloud computing and the presence of the platform 20 years ago.

Most people have long been absent from the importance of the cloud, seeing it as an alternative delivery mechanism and not as a revolutionary force and commodity that still exists today.

The platform is similar because it makes the program flexible, not fragile and therefore the driving force behind commercial agility. This is also something that most companies lack for digital upheaval.

Realize that “outage” has no positive or negative meaning, but it is likely that a digital outage will have a negative link without a solid understanding of the importance of the platform.

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