Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Swapnadosh, a first aid gadget that takes a long and thorough look at the latest advert gadgets advertised before deciding to hang them all so that they drift in surprise or throw them aside in dry land.

This week’s searches on Mount Gadget include a machine that mixes drinks based on tweets, a 3D drawing pen for children, and a smart cube.

These are not reviews, folks, because some elements are just prototypes, and I didn’t keep them on my hand. Ratings are just a testament to how much I want to try each one, and they are in no way an indication of product quality.

Your aperitif

Sometimes you can get a delicious tweet: sounds good enough to eat a bunch of words, pictures, videos, or GIFs. But is it enough to drink?

Data Cocktail is a system that searches the last five tweets that contain keywords related to the content available, and then mixes a drink based on them.

The machine will print a “recipe” for the group drink, just in case it sends a thank-you message to Twitter users who contribute to the fabrication without meaning, it’s very tasty.

This is a prototype, but manufacturers suggest that they can use the data machine to use it in events with custom components and keywords designed according to specific needs or preferences.

It is basically a compelling data experience – a way of imagining what the world is talking about in a microcosm. This is an elegant project, enough to relish beverages: no ice, please, data cocktails, and I hope it works: # Harbor # #bonbon #bourbon.

Three dimensional drawing

Whenever a cheap child-friendly technology product encourages creativity, I think parents should try to embrace it as best they can. Adults have enjoyed 3D printing pens for a few years. Now there is a youth version.

Users load plastic strips and melt the pens, allowing the painter to create a way to create free material by pulling them into the air.

This version is more applicable to families that there is a substitute for temperature, and it is not likely to be caused by any skin burns or anything else. This is thanks to a new type of biodegradable plastic that melts at low temperatures.

The 3Doodler starts at $ 50, half the price of the latest 3Doodler. There is a trade-off here, as there is only one speed at which plastic is spilled, but this only means that children will need to be careful when making their masterpieces.

Sure, this is for older children, or at least under close supervision, lest you walk into a room on your expensive couch to find a child’s name written in plastic. It seems like a great way to extract some weird ideas that don’t happen while offering young people a way to expand their creativity.

I want one so that I can try to make a fully custom Rub Goldberg device.

Rating: 3 out of 5 sky writing

Boxed design

At this point, we are more than usual on smart lights that allow us to use the smartphone app to adjust their colors, on and off times, and more. What happens when we take this idea to a new dimension? We get something like Tittle.

This smart cube has 512 LED lights that you can apparently do anything you want. You can, of course, change styles and colors, but a little more. It can sync the beat of the music you are playing, while you can send emojis to friends, who will appear in 3D on their Tuttle and create their own animation.

With 8 x 8 x 8 grid lights, you won’t be able to watch this HD animated 3D film here, but it may give you a chance to create some stylish effects. I would like to see an open platform (the software development kit listed as an extended target in a crowdfunding campaign) that can allow us to view data in a rudimentary way – similar to cocktail data – or that when we are different When receiving notifications from services, you can match different ways to light.

For now, this is a good game that has the ability to do something more interesting. I hope there is an additional expansionary goal that will force the creators to change this disgusting name.