For example, if your site is not mobile optimized and Facebook ad CPC (cost per click) on mobile is much cheaper than desktop, then Google penalizes you.

This means that more and more potential customers are viewing your website on their phone.

If you still haven’t been able to optimize your site’s conversions for the mobile user experience, then chances are you’re not losing money.

On top of that, audience targeting on mobile is more successful than desktop, so you cannot turn off mobile at any time.

In this post, you will learn the exact strategies needed to achieve success with your mobile site and convert more leads through your

mobile lead generation flow.

So, what is lead generation flow?
You already know the basic funnel method of marketing. You know that people start with awareness, but the real benefit comes down to the funnel.

Specifically, getting contact information for people allows you to engage in permission marketing and sell them on your product or service as a thought leader.

But what you don’t know is that there is a more complex flow than just an optin form, and mobile offers you unique benefits.

In particular, you will need to create a very simple process to generate leads on your mobile site.

While it is not specific to lead a generation, the same concept applies.

To be successful with lead generation on mobile, you will need to tailor the entire process in a way that increases your conversion rate and maximizes its effectiveness.

The mobile marketing game is different from working on a desktop screen. Since the screen size is small, you need to be more targeted and clear with your message.

Major players like Japos are creating powerful mobile experiences, and you need to start doing the same.

This is exactly how you can do this.

Create a unique offer
The first and most important part of generating leads is an enticing offer that will excite potential leads and encourage them to sign up.

Often, we think that “irresistible” means “broad”, but nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of providing a detailed resource, it should be something quick.

This is especially important with mobile audiences, as they are most interested in something that can give them results quickly and without much effort.

This is a simple checklist that provides a solid measure of success.

Although download is definitely the most popular type of lead generation offer, this format is not to be followed.

There is something fascinating about a 30-day challenge that encourages interest and payment for a user to sign up.

Although this offering is main, it is delivered only after the visitor actually signs up. To get him or her to that point, you need to market it effectively.

You probably immediately understood the benefits of both the 10 predecessors of success and the 30 day list building challenge.

Why? Because the title made the profit distinct and clear.

Engage readers with a magnetic title
It can be fun to play with a creative title when you are generating leads on a desktop screen, when you are on mobile, there is no place to grieve.

Your headline should attract readers by explaining the primary benefits of your offer in as few words as possible.

If the premise of the offer cannot be explained in 5–20 words, then you need to shorten it or refine the problem you are trying to solve.

For maximum effect, consider emphasizing a few key words in the title.

Death to Stock uses a clear and catchy title and emphasizes the benefactor (beautiful photos), without being interrupted or distracted.

It is a good idea to test several headlines and decide which one is the best. I also recommend asking others unfamiliar with the market if they understand what your title has to offer.

Once you have created an excellent title, it is time to fill in the optin form with an additional reason to sign up.

Write copy copy to customer

When you can state the main basis of your proposal in the title, you should not ignore the copy that follows.

Instead, you need to use a subheading, short paragraph or explanatory bullet-point to elaborate on the other benefits of the product you offer.

To write a converted copy on your mobile site, you need to tap into your target audience’s deepest fears, disappointments, pains and goals.

Use their language to explain the problem, and list exactly why your proposal will solve that problem.