And hearing from your customers starts before your first conversation.

Are you really listening?

You need to know who your customers are.
You have to know what to communicate with them.
You need to find out what your customers like and dislike about your product and service.
You need to know what they have decided to buy your product.
You need to know where your customers spend time online.
Basically, you need to know more about your customers.

And social listening (aka social media monitoring) is the ultimate way to get to know your customers better – before they even become your customers, and without disturbing them.

By monitoring online mentions of your business, you get to know who your customers are and where they are active on the Internet.

And these mentions can also be a source of sales.

Online mentions in social media do a lot of work such as clear recommendations. They show you who is talking about your product, where they are talking about it, and then you can use this data to find out how to increase brand awareness so that you can improve your business Talk to more people and make recommendations.

Mentions like the one below tell you a lot about your customers – and they are easy to find with media monitoring tools like Brand24.

They can look like this on Reddit:

Comment from the discussion that I am in the UK, what are your recommendations for moisturizer / face wash / sun-cream (not Neutrogena one) and primer and foundation.
Results in sales on Facebook:

And inspire shopping on Twitter:

James wilson
Apr 17, 2018
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1:22 AM – Apr 17, 2018
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Principles like these contain a lot of information. See how you can learn about your customers from a simple image on Insta, with a little caption:

What does such a mention reveal about your customers?

It tells you where your customers have purchased your product (Costco)
You get to know why your customers chose your product (because it does not contain canola oil, and black garlic has a nice flavor)
You see what kind of information is important to your customers (the content included – and not included)

Seeing where the post came from (Instagram) tells you where your customers hangout, making it an important channel for content distribution, whether you’re looking for places to run ads or (Instagram ) Want to try effective marketing.

And you get to know the common types of customers who are interested in your product (health-oriented people, such as professional physicians who work in nutritional therapy).

Hopefully a lot of important information about Hummus customers is from just one mention.

Not every mention will be so informative, but just knowing who and where you are talking about your business tells you a lot.

You can find mentions of your own business from across the web with media monitoring tools like Brand24.

First, online recommendations and positive references from your customers can be a good source of sales:

I bought it only after you mentioned them! :)) They are super inexpensive and the packaging is much better and it is saving space under my bathroom sink.