The Amazon Kindle Kids release costs $ 110 and is basically Amazon Kindle (2019), at $ 90, but it has some very expensive additions on top of it. For an additional $ 20, you get one year of unlimited free time, including thousands of popular books, a shield, a two-year warranty for free accidental damage and some specific software features to encourage reading and your child’s learning.

Kindle Kids Edition is small and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry for a long time and put in a bag. Fortunately, it comes with a cover made of a hard plastic shell, which keeps the screen safe for burning, and a delicately sealed soft cover with a microfiber interior to protect it. When you open it and send it to sleep mode when it is closed, the cap brings the burn to life. We have a blue cover, but you can also have it pink, or use the Rainbow Birds design or Space Station.

At the bottom edge, you’ll find a single button to burn and off, as well as the charging port, which I’m disappointed with when I find it’s microUSB and not USB-C. You have to be on the right side with Micro USB and this charging cable can be difficult to get hold of, especially for children.

There are large, thick bezels around the 6 ” touchscreen. It’s an easy-to-read E Ink display, although it has a lower resolution. At 167 pixels per inch (PPI), it’s fast enough to read comfortably, but the more expensive Kindle Paperwhite or Kobo Clara HD has a crisper 300 PPI screen. Adjustable lighting ensures the Kindle Kids Edition display stays legible in various environments, but you have to adjust it yourself; There is no automatic tuning based on the light in your environment.

There is not a large percentage of the processing power here and the touch screen is not very sensitive. When you tap or swipe, wait for the screen to flash and refresh. I used to read e-books, so it wasn’t surprising, but my son expected it to interact like his tablet or phone. The result was that he accidentally downloaded a book he didn’t want, and he often clicked again because it took Kindle time to respond. It is picky to use it for children coming from other touch screen devices.

The Kindle Kids Edition has 8GB of internal storage that’s enough space for a lot of great books – over a thousand titles, according to Amazon estimates. The regular Kindle has only 4GB of storage space.

The real attraction in the Kindle Kids edition is the inclusion of special additions for children. The only thing that popped up immediately is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited’s free year (known as Fire for Kids in the UK), which usually costs $ 3 a month if you’re a prime member and $ 5 a month if you’re not. It gives your kids access to thousands of books on Kindle for free. Whereas J. There are some popular children’s books by choice. Rowling, CS Lewis and R. Stein, there’s also a little junk. You won’t find Harry Potter books or classics like The Hobbit, but you’ll also find loads of facts and jokes, and you’ve also seen Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

You want to involve yourself in the selection process here, but it’s not easy. FreeTime Unlimited is a curated collection of content based on your child’s age, which means Amazon decides what should be your child’s potential reading material. You can add books that you have purchased with your Amazon account, but what appears on its homepage will be determined by Amazon. Once they start reading things, the “books you like” list should start offering you a few series choices. Kids also have the option to choose books based on characters or themes, including items like dinosaurs, cats, and scary things, but also brands from categories like Hot Wheels and Nickelodeon. As a parent, I prefer to have control over what I see for my children, but I explain that in more detail in the next section.

Although Amazon has included a lot of picture books on the Kindle Kids Edition, the experience suffers from a lack of color in performance, which leaves my son uninterrupted for reading on Kindle.

The content provided appears to vary by country, such as the United States. Many of the titles available in the UK are not available at and perhaps vice versa.

If you plan to take full advantage, FreeTime Unlimited is worth an additional $ 20 that you would pay for the Kindle Kids edition on Amazon Kindle.

The user interface in Kindle Kids Edition is a little easier to get than the original Kindle; The images are large and contain many child-friendly pictures that serve as a background for the lock screen.

Amazon has also put a rewards link on the main menu that takes you to a list of achievements kids can work on to earn a badge. They are awarded for things like meeting daily reading goals or reading more than a certain number of pages and completing books. This kind of simplification appeals to my son and may encourage children to read more, but it isn’t for every child.

There are also features that help them learn; Children can click on a word to define it through the built-in dictionary. Then there is Word Wise, which gives definitions of words that seem tricky, and vocabulary builders, who automatically add words that appear in the dictionary, and can review them later. Most of these features are also available for regular Kindle devices.

You can only add books you bought on Amazon here, set daily reading goals, and review your child’s progress and accomplishments. While any parent might be left behind to encourage reading, most don’t want their kids to use devices at bedtime. I didn’t find an option to schedule downtime on the Kindle Kids release.