How Roku Wireless Subwoofer Does Just What It Says

How Roku Wireless Subwoofer Does Just What It Says

Between the Roku Wireless Speaker and the Roku Smart Soundbar, the large gadget collection has recently produced a significant audio stream.

But there is one thing that headphones or speakers cannot do: provide a bus that shakes the house.

Enter the Roku Wireless Subwoofer ($ 180), which is – good subwoofer. The audio setup connects wirelessly. And he’s from Rocco. It gives the sum of it.

Really, there’s not much to say about the Roku Wireless subwoofer. This is one of the “what exactly says tin” products and it works just as it was supposed to.

It’s not the cheapest and most expensive wireless subwoofer you can get, and in my experience it feels so good.

Here’s a quick and easy way to determine if the Roku Wireless subwoofer is right for your living room: Do you have a speaker or a Roku speaker?

Do you want to make it a stronger base? Are you willing to spend $ 180 on this improvement?

If you still need more help deciding, here are some of the benefits cons

Roku Wireless Subwoofer Pro

You can plug it in, Roku / Roku OS speakers access the menu on the smart TV, and you can select the subwoofer in the pairing menu, and that’s it. After the initial update, the pair will disappear within a few seconds.

Each time you launch Roku after this, the subwoofer is ready to use within about 15 seconds of startup. It is almost too guaranteed.

Second, the Roku Wireless Subwoofer gives you a good sound. From high-explosive movies like The Thing to everyday TV shows like Good Eats, to action-packed video games like Outer Worlds, try different media.

The subwoofer is enriched and vibrates with the rest, providing a “feel” to the volume.

This type of sawdust is not good for shooting fights; It also amplifies the sounds of music, vehicle engines and baritone speakers.

After all, it’s not nearly as expensive as a wireless speaker. One hundred and eighty dollars is a lot of money, but wireless subwoofer of this size (and weight – the device measures 15.7 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches and weighs 17.2 pounds) runs anywhere from 300 to 700.

I suspect that the Roku Wireless Subwoofer offers this kind of premium bus, fair, but for the price it is very tight and fun.

Roku Wireless Subwoofer Cons

The biggest hit against the Roku Wireless subwoofer is that it is compatible with the Roku Smart Soundbar ($ 180) and Roku Wireless Speaker ($ 200).

Keep in mind that the sound is compatible with any TV; Wireless headphones only work with Roku OS smart TVs, which in turn represent an additional expense.

The subwoofer is not really a single instrument; It will cost at least $ 360 (at the time of writing, $ 330 – Roku will cut the price if you buy both speakers and subwoofer).

There is also a lack of customization options, which is a big hit against the device.

Of course, the subwoofer doesn’t require as many layering or profile options as a bunch of headphones, but it’s frustrating that there is nothing you can do regardless of the connection to the Roku Wireless subwoofer.

In Roku OS, you can encourage, reduce, or remove the alloy – but you can do so without having to plug in the subwoofer.

There is no GPS option, and it’s pretty awkward, given the angles and attachments – the features of the general entertainment center can change the sound of the subwoofer a lot. There is no voice dialing key or on / off switch, which makes it a bit late in the deep night operation.

Lastly, although this is not necessarily a hoax, it is worth noting that the subwoofer is a very luxurious item.

Technically speaking, amplifiers and amplifiers are a luxury item as well, but at least they solve the real problem of flat screen televisions that are very thin compared to the features of high quality speakers. However Roku wireless speakers and speakers provide really good sound.

The subwoofer adds a touch of dimension to the sound, which is useful for some music lovers – but it’s not something everyone needs.

This is especially true if there is a TV drama, soap opera and other dialogues. In such cases, the subwoofer will not add too much.


The Roku Wireless Subwoofer is good at what it does, especially when it comes to action movies, music and video games.

However, you should already buy a Roku wireless speaker or speaker. Think of this option as “maybe” but check if you can add buses to virtual headsets first.

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