My early acceptance tenderness pricked. Microsoft has just announced that the Holdens 2 is available for sale at a low price of less than 3,500. Targeted in the corporate sector, Holdens 2 targets most of the restrictions on key Augmented Reality headsets.

It is more comfortable and offers a wide field of view as well as eye and hand tracking. And after a few trial sessions, I really want Microsoft to release a customer version sooner.

Holness 2 Design: Lighter than ever

Of the many AR and VR headphones I’ve tried, the Holdens 2 has definitely become my top three. According to Microsoft communications director Greg Sullivan, the Holdens 2 is three times more comfortable than its predecessors.

I’m not sure how the engineers and designers came up with this number, but the important thing is that it’s real.

The headset is easy to turn on and the device is in good balance as you fit in with the large handle on the back.

Instead of having Microsoft install the front or rear speakers, the Qualcomm 855 SoC placed the device and battery behind the device, keeping all the sensors in front.

I never felt like my head was being held to one side or the other, but curious to know how it would happen within an hour of use.

Aside from the comfort, the other notable feature of the headphone is the top-notch, which can be reversed if you need to fully share it with the real world. It is lightweight and pushes up and down and is easily held in place.

Holdens 2 Tracing eyes and hands

With the efficient and efficient tracking of Microsoft HoloLens II, it does something semi-smooth, fast and responsive.

When I put the headset on I received a notice that the Holness 2 was needed to measure my eyes পরিবর্তে Instead of just measuring the distance between the two pupils, the built-in sensors played a 3D wipe of my eye while jumping to track the movement of some colored gems.

The implementation reminds me of Toby’s eye tracking technology. However, it is still unclear whether Microsoft is using the same strategy.

Whatever you do, the result is a fast and responsive system. It was also easy to scroll down to read the long clip.

When my eyes reach the end of the sentence at the end of the default page, I just move down so I can continue seamlessly.

Eye Tracking helps to achieve some cool points in some of the more earthly features of Windows. With my left wrist pointed, I noticed that I acquired some kind of virtual tattoo in the form of a Windows logo.

I had to take advantage of the Glow Point in my Windows Start menu, which allowed me to launch different programs.

And for these moments when I had to communicate and touch something, I raised my hand and baby! – I pressed the buttons as if they were there

I also had the ability to resize a model near the wind farm by tying the edge and extending or contracting the model.

It was a very natural experience, though I definitely wanted some capable gloves or something that gave me some kind of reaction.

Hand tracking with the Holness 2 is not something anyone is accustomed to, because sometimes the tracking was more accurate than I expected, which made me keep my fingers to grab the edges.

Holdens 2: Play with the hologram

The main difference between VR and AR is that the first one occurs in a closed environment that closes the outside world.

AR and MR (mixed reality) create a virtual overlay in the real world. And virtual models created with Qualcomm SoCs and sensors are mapped to specific locations and stay there if you don’t interact with them.

This means that when I go to see a model of a working turbine, the wind farm I mentioned earlier is still hovering over the real-life table where I put it.

In terms of graphic accuracy, it really depends on the program. Some models, such as jet turbines, seemed more lively than real.

The colorful hummingbirds that made me beautiful for display on my favorite Windows 10, however, were made with a triangular series that was pretty neat, but even more impressive if they were real birds.

I hope the holograms have deeper darkness as they will enhance the enjoyment. However this is a common disguise.

I’m glad I got to see more of the hologram period. One of the great enhancements to the Halones 2 on key headphones is the viewing area.

Microsoft increased from 16: 9 to 3: 2 which means the models didn’t go away and the second looked left or right. It allowed more space to play.

As I approach Mars, allow the wind farm to cross the background, chart the proposed landing and search paths for the search, and then draw rings around the planet, transforming it into a primitive Jupiter.