How funny would it be,

It fish could walk

And cows could talk;

If earthworms could sing

Along with every little things!

Oh, How amazing would it be,

If elephants jumped from tree to tree!

How funny would it be,

If it rained ice-cream,

And trees grew Cookies-n-Cream;

If sheep could bark

And dogs would sing like a lark!

Oh, how beguiling would it be,

If monkeys do the Kathakali!

How funny would it be,

If bananas could shout

And snakes become stout;

If vegetables could dance,

On songs of romance!

Oh, how magnificent would it be,

If the sun shone at night in glory!

How funny would it be,

If roses smelt of fish.

And Angels fulfilled every odd wish;

If crows become white as swans 

And demons roam the Earth in vans!

Oh, how magical would it be,

If everything tasted like tea!