We signed with Ryan Swanson from Urban Konga, a multi-departmental design company that promotes community activism and social interaction through open play.

They have achieved this by creating interactive facilities, customized operable products and inspiring spaces for creativity, exploration and free learning in an intensive environment.

They provide workshops, lectures, civic interventions, operable products, custom installation, development plans and policy recommendations across government and non-governmental organizations, brands, governments and universities across the United States, as well as Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Helped.

Through their work, they continue to advance the power of play for everyone to develop their built environment.

Finding out who you want to interact with and as Plato once said, “You can discover more about someone within an hour of playing more than a year of conversation.

They’ve used bare conductive in many projects before, so Ryan is one of the first to explore the capabilities of the interactive wall.

It was clean and easy to use, allowing them to spend less time learning about the setting and more time designing the pieces they were creating.

Ryan said that the new idea that first came to the new team was to create an interactive environment.

It was something they had wanted to do for a while and the new collection just came out when they were designing this playable gallery.

We talked about the exhibition and how they used the new collection to design it. Let’s create a Play City exhibit to increase the value and impact of the theater in an interactive environment for our cities and communities.

It explores the idea of ​​playing in everyday places and encourages people to think about the places these plays can become: such as crossways, garden benches, street lights, building mischief, sidewalks, bus stops, or just in the middle of everyday space.

Consider how this boring or often unused situation can transform social interaction and community activity into creative outlets through open play.

The exhibition uses both qualitative and quantitative data to guide the audience during the play that influences the health, identity and economic and social value of the citizenry.

The Interactive Wall Toolkit allows them to enable learning in an operational way, and helps them expand their user mind as they use technology and play to create a more fun, collective and smart city.

The new group allows them to create cleaner ideas and express business technology in another way. With their work, they want to use technology but they want to make sure that all their businesses are level and usable.

The cool thing about using this kit and the touch sensor technology is that people do not need equipment like a phone or app to share the work. This kit allows the use of technology and makes one interface accessible to all.

The new set is designed with ease of use, as well as how quickly people plan the project as they consider the seamless process.

Ryan took about two months to fully design and build it. Of course, it can take less depending on the project you are working on.

They wanted to design this gallery for some of the parts that allow us to download it and show it to new cities around the world.

Urban Konga takes the gallery to another level by adding a projection map using Mad Mapper.

When the user moves to the plot, it can interact with a specific section and activate this city area with various animated estimates.

Expectations also reveal data and information based on the price you read in the exhibit. Estimates with words show a 2D gallery and create a 3D experience.

The ability to attach extra cords directly without welding was great for them. This made the process smoother and less difficult.

It also allowed easy construction on the site and enabled it to easily dismantle and assemble the piece installed in the new location.

What makes them choose nude conductive products? Ryan says that they use the bare conductive technology to tailor their work to the simplicity that they have created in the end.

In order to create a more interactive environment and playable city, the technology created by Bare Conductive allows more people to discover new ways to do it.

It opens many doors to what can be done to take effective steps in its urban infrastructure.

They currently work on projects in the United States and Mexico, and they have a facility called “Oscillation” that travels with Creos.

This installation uses advanced bare conductive touch panels and proximity sensors to create a piece that works like a thermion. People can dance and play around the interface with the colors and sounds of the fixing.

You can find them at their office in Tampa, Florida, or at their new office in Brooklyn, New York.

New customers are always looking for new customers to explore new ideas in custom install, product and create an educational environment using players and interactions.