I couldn’t think of what to write

Leave my mark forever on Flight.

Of great writers, I thought in vain,

For mine was a different pain-

Oh! How we talked about so many books,

How we laughed and laughed on silly jokes,

From five-star to big and small party,

And how we’d get selected in MIT.

The daily dose of potatoes,

Oh! How Greatly I’ll miss those.

I wish I could for longer stay,

But life is pushing me away

To a new land, a territory unknown

They drove me crazy, they drove me mad

I,ll never forget all the fun I had.

Forever you all shall hold a place,

Nearest to my heart; I embrace

All the wonderful memories you gifted me,

How fortunate I was to have you with me.

As friends I will miss you all dearly,

Everyday when I can’t laugh at things that we

Laughed and laughed and laughed,”hehe”

That’s how I shall remember ye’.