Future generations are currently frustrated with the readiness for occupations that do not yet exist.

Due to technology it is difficult enough to select a college major without adding the possibility of eliminating many jobs in specific fields soon.

Experts estimate that 65% of the next generation of kids will get jobs that haven’t been created yet.

In addition to seeing new jobs in the future, many old jobs will be neglected and replaced by robots or software automation. While the idea of ​​losing a job for a robot is worrying, not all professionals are harmed.

A recent article by The Economist reviewed some job prospects in the future, most of which are final payroll.

There are likely to be settlements, accountants / auditors, telemarketing, technical writers, word processors, real estate agents and retail sales representatives.

So, what new work will be created to replace the obsolete? Below is a list of 10 technical jobs that will remain in place for the past 10 years but are not present.

Commercial drone operator

With the ever-growing popularity of drones, there will be drones for everything in the future, including delivery, forensics and imaging services. Commercial drones will be in great need once drones dominate the world.

It requires a pilot’s license, training and extensive experience. In the next two decades, it will not be unusual to see major airlines using drones. Amazon has already proposed the idea of ​​using a drone for local delivery.

Digital currency advisor

Whether coinciding with Bitcoin or not, digital currencies are increasing as people become unfaithful to government-controlled currencies.

To ensure you do not have a catastrophic financial portfolio in the future, you will need to hire a crypto advisor that has good verses on cryptocurrency to maintain a diversified portfolio. Skills include a degree in computer security and financial management.

Digital lock

As digital locks become the norm, digital locks, who specialize in handling digital locks, will begin to be used in the near future.

The primary goal is to get people off of their cars or into their homes when technology fails. Since 100pecent is not perfect technology (there will always be errors), locking digital will save you time.

Food engineer

3D printing has taken the world by storm. From the simple use of model making in the cosmetic industry to the development of 3D printing like Synthesis, to a number of sophisticated parts, Synthesis continues to evolve.

In the near future, there will be 3D food printing that uses only the same 3D printing technology to create different types of foods, some of which are edible.

Food engineers need to have a chemistry and engineering background to access this kind of work.

Home Automation Contractor

Smart grids and home automation systems grow as the Internet of Things continues.

In the near future, the community needs a skilled technician to install all these devices and configure them exactly as we need them.

Think about it, people are unable to make a new TV even after decades of improving technology. There will be a huge market for a home automation contractor that will require technical training about each product.

Media Remixer

Forget DJs and VJs, the future will come around media providers who blend the past and present of various audio and video media to develop an incredible experience for weddings, restaurants, schools, artists and brands.

The best way to imagine this type of situation is to have a virtual reality that combines with a nightclub with a splash of varchy. The set of skills required includes graphic design and sound engineering.


There are currently many laboratories around the world that can grow human organs in a common petri dish.

In the end, the technology will be commercially available and robotic surgeons will need to replace the organs before their implantation and then collect the organs. Under these circumstances biology and chemistry backgrounds will be required.

Personal Web Manager

The role of a personal web manager is to prevent people from idiating through social media and the Internet.

While this situation seems absurd, there is a growing need for a national work. Your reputation is as good as the information you can find online.

If you are overwhelmed to dominate your social media accounts, imagine the difficulty in 20 years when the view has grown significantly.

Personal webmasters will be a mix of ads, hackers, consulting consultants and security agents. The skills required for this position include knowledge of the web and individual technology.


Landscapes are still disappearing around the world due to additional development, natural disasters and industrial farming.

Therefore, it is important to carry children out with training in wildlife and agricultural management to bring nature back to nature in some of the abandoned places in the future.

Android player

Although this is a very common position, certain industries will require robot operators.

With robots slowly taking on manual work, a technician is required to install, configure, and solve problems when there are obstacles or errors.

Android operators will only need technical training for their specific products.

Technology is changing and continuing to change the world on a daily basis. With the innovation in technology’s increasingly high technology development, in 10 years, the world will be a completely different place. There are many uses for technology, comfort, entertainment, skills, cost savings, etc.

With the technological transformation of thousands of products and fields due to start producing advanced products, processes and services, experts must be in these fields.

The ten works mentioned above will appear in the near future, and what currently does not exist will open up a whole market for applicants.

Many of them lost their jobs because of technology, but many of them are gaining new positions due to the same technology.