It’s not easy to remind people that they need a smart watch. In the end, Apple found its move by emphasizing the healthy fitness capabilities of the Apple Watch and providing consumers with plenty of finishes and bands of choice.

Fitbit followed the same approach, but his first attempt, left to be desired in the section to look ionic, was left So, the company went back to the drawing board and designed a smart watch that most people really want to wear.

The $ 200 Fitbit Versa now available for purchase is thinner and cheaper than the Apple Watch. It offers the same features as more expensive Apple devices, such as onboard music storage and an app store.

The Versa version is still missing in some areas, but overall, this device is the best entry-level smartwatch for most people. Editor’s Note (November 2019): Behind Fit Versa, Fit Versa 2 is out now and at the same price version offers all the features and some additional features, including Alexa integration.

Versa 2 has a new Apple Watch-esque that gives it a premium feel compared to the original. Check out our full version 2 review to see if it’s worth upgrading.

Design: Finally, a smart watch I’m not shy to wear

When I first learned about the opposite, I thought it was an Apple Watch. Although the Fitbit Smartwatch has taken some design signals from Apple devices and I have been wearing the device for about a week now, I have noticed some obvious differences.

The 39mm Versa Apple Watch is slightly wider than the 38mm, but the new Fitbit feels lightweight at 0.8 oz compared to the 3 oz series with one cellular. Sometimes I forget that I was wearing it. At a depth of 1.2mm box, it is thinner than Series 1, which is 3.5mm thick, and has a larger degree of bulb that makes it feel thicker than true.

The new Apple Watch Series 4, priced at $ 399, is longer than the version, but not as wide or deep Compared to ionic, the opposite is positively true. The Ionic has a 38.6mm display but is surrounded by a thick aluminum frame that incorporates a GPS antenna but adds plenty, especially for those who have thin wrists.

Versa has no built-in GPS; Instead it is connected to your phone’s GPS. More later The Versa still looks like a smart watch, but I’m not ashamed to wear it outside the gym. It is more comfortable to wear than the Apple Watch, and to make it more elegant I can change it with a leather strap at reasonable prices.

I wore it for dinner and drinks with my girlfriends on the Las Vegas Strip and I never thought about it twice. There is no way to get ionic out of the city, and most of the time I find that the Apple Watch also removes pretty clothes. I found that changing the Versa Bands is a bit difficult at first, as they are placed with pins that need to slide to edit.

I would imagine it would be easier, but when I first replaced the virtual sports classic band with dark blue skin, I fought for five minutes.

Setting: Practice, music and more

To shrink the screen size and remove the curly aluminum frame that precisely prevented ionic fixation for people with small wrists or even mockups, Fitbit dedicated built-in GPS. Instead, the watch connects to your smartphone’s GPS.

This means you have to turn on your phone or ride a bike to get accurate data on miles, sections and speeds. Fitbit says that if you regularly ride or ride a bike the same way, device algorithms will be able to record your workouts accurately without leaving your phone nearby.

In general, this is true, but the lack of GPS on board is still frustrating. Versa, like the Ionic, can store up to 300 songs that make it sound like the kind of device I can use without a phone. Without GPS it doesn’t look like this. If you have a great account with Deezer or Pandora, it’s very easy to save the song to the Watch.

Both services are $ 9.99 per month. I subscribed to a three-month free trial of Deezer’s offering to Versa users and saved a long playlist focused on playing Versa. No need to install the Digger app on your phone; Just log in to your Fit account in your device’s media settings, then tap to add the music.

It took about 30 minutes to sync 80+ broken Wi-Fi, so you’ll want to start this process before planning to hit the platform. If you do not subscribe to Deezer or Pandora, you can download MP3 files on the device using the Fitbit desktop client.

Using the live broadcast service with the watch is not easy but it does the job. I paired my AirPods back with no problems, which was relieved after the problems I had with Garmin’s Forerunner 645 Music. I drove 3 miles with my phone in the cloud for GPS – not in my typical scenario, but I enjoy the change between playing music and the practice screen.