FEATURE UPDATE Live Customer Testimonials

What makes a great site testimonial?

A nice looking, beautifully designed testimonial page
A great, true story
A slider to see more of them
Author’s photo, short bio, company, position within the company
Link to author’s site

It’s all quiet but how about this:

Your company praise, beautifully customizable and clickable online mentions by a happy customer in social media?
To date, conversations about customer testimonials on the site were limited to their essence, benefits or design.

Just as our newest feature, we want to bring a completely new quality – Live Customer Testimonials – Testimonials you can click on, access the source, talk to the author and feel the reality Can.

You cannot find more genuine than testimonials on the site.

Do you really need them?
This can be answered with a simple quote from PT Barnam:

Nothing draws a crowd like a mob. – PT Barnam

… or live customer testimonials!

Let’s then do a quick recap why customer testimonials on the site are important:

– They establish your credibility in the eyes of consumers. Testimonials on the site have a wide impact on consumers’ purchase decisions, with 85% of consumers relying on personal reviews online.

– They promote sales. There is no better way to win the hearts of your potential customers than the current real stories of your satisfied customers. Customer testimonials provide credibility and closeness that significantly impact potential customers.

– Free, super effective advertising. Customer testimonials are the most effective marketing and advertising tool to increase conversions. You can get your product.

– Exposure. Your website provides sufficient exposure to the number of visitors. The more people visit your website, the greater the opportunity they keep an eye on your great customer testimonials.

– Reality. Customer testimonials are social proof of the value of your product or service offering. They offer real customer success stories.

Okay, are they?

Don’t these well-designed customer testimonial pages seem fake? Do consumers still believe in these success stories? Can’t they become well using a friend’s photos and commentary? The problem people have here is that they are unable to prove the authenticity of customer testimonials on the site.

What’s more, about 90% of people believe that testimonials found inside marketing messages are made. 79% of consumers have read a fake review in the past year, but 84% cannot always worry about them.

Till date.

Live customer testimonials
Keeping this in mind, we have developed live customer testimonials to completely change the quality of customer testimonials on websites.

Live Customer Testimonials

Live customer testimonials are actual social media mentions of your product, company, or service performed by customers.


A front-end developer in your company can easily generate live customer testimonials with just a few clicks.

Then, the code can be embedded anywhere on your website – a front-end developer can adjust the height and width of the widget, as well as position it within divs and containers. This means that it can be placed literally anywhere.

The widget is fully responsive in every way and works easily on mobile as well.


Inside the builder, you can adjust its look so that it matches the design and branding of your website. There is a full color palette at your disposal. Here’s what you can change:

font color
Back color
Specify background color
All to meet your design standards!


They are clickable so that any visitor to your website can click on it and go directly to the source, for example, on Twitter. Seems more reliable, doesn’t it?

Using the Brand24 social media monitoring tool, you can identify your customers in social media praising your product and insert these mentions into the widget so that they are displayed on your website.

How to create your live customer testimonials?
First of all, you will need a Brand24 account. Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool that collects all online mentions with predefined keywords, for example, the name of your company, product, or service. To create your free account, click here.

Next, you need to create a project. In Project Creator, provide keywords relevant to your business – your company name, product name, or company hashtag. Then, the tool will start collecting all mentions of these keywords in real time.

Now you need to look for mentions in which customers praise your product. Create a group to collect these mentions in one place.

To refer to a group, find the group button at the bottom of that mention. You can use this button to add an instance to an existing group or create a new group.

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