🏀 In the very beginning, the color of the basketball was brown, but later changed into a brighter color; i.e. orange. 

🏀 The first basketball gametook place in 1982 where the court was half size of today’s court, and only one point was scrod during the match. 

🏀 Basketball was first played by a soccer ball until it was changed in 1929.

🏀 In 1967,  slam dunks were considered illegal; 9 years later they were legalized again. 

🏀 The reason why a background was added is because the audience in the balcony used to interfere in the game by handling the game. 

🏀 Despite being the shortest professional player,  Michael Jordan is considered one of the best basketball player around the world. The score of 5987 made him a legend in the world of basketball. 

🏀 Women’s basketball began in 1812, and some rules were modified to fit women.