As each of us asks questions, what is it that we can also contribute. We thrive on a culture of continuous learning – whether it is to host workshops or to teach others to facilitate our employees to learn new skills for the future digital workplace or to share knowledge with other companies We have learned from our transformation journey.

Our annual idea generators do both. This is a full-day workshop that we run at Microsoft, and a great way to share skills is to share with Dan, while feeling a real sense of what you are contributing – technology to deliver social change To use.

Microsoft Workforce Group in Ideas Generator

This drive to become a team of ‘learn-a-all’ (as opposed to ‘know-a-all’) gives us a true sense of purpose and value at work – and with the idea generator, in us Everyone works towards something that means something for us on a deeply personal level, dedicated to the importance of making an impact.

A part of that influence comes from manipulating our own values ​​as people, identifying what they are, why they drive us and how we can nurture them.


Idea’s Generator Day is a chance for the charity to face some of the toughest challenges. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork and for social well-being each year, we invite representatives from five charities to join the Microsoft headquarters in Reading.

Again, this is for the time being. Invoking the team’s collective expertise, employees explore how to use technology driven by Microsoft to overcome challenges. This is the real focus of the day. Ideas are carried forward and backward, and until refinement – until the day comes to a close – each of the five teams has a specific problem to solve.

At the end of the day, the time has come to face the judges.

Each team takes to the stage, and presents their solution in front of a panel of judges, armed with only one PowerPoint.

Each judge is encouraged to speak through his or her views, seeking insight into everything from cost to data security. They are looking for ideas that are accessible, sustainable and achievable that are innovative, creative and socially effective at their heart.

Influence of thoughts

Microsoft prides itself on its learn-it-all culture – and, at its heart, learning what our idea generator is. It helps all of us nurture a growth mindset, and a culture dedicated to not only learning, but understanding.

It is an opportunity for employees to go beyond their normal experiences and see the world from a different angle; This is a day when charities can find new ways in which technology can help them. As one charity representative told us: ‘It’s great to come to Microsoft and our eyes are open to technology options. It is really good to learn from people at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. ‘

The final winner of the day has a chance to take his idea to the next stage of potential development – literally making good on the promise of the day. However, our joint ideas can also promote new ideas for charity leaders who can find new ways to implement technology in their organization. The real winners, however, are those who depend on the services of the charity. If technology can empower them in any way, it is all worthwhile.

Choose one or more good reasons.

It is important that the people you want to help are close to your heart – it will not work unless you and your employees are passionate about it. If you are a small company, choose one or two organizations; If you are older, try up to five. It keeps the day and your team focused.

Encourage nomination from passionate employees as well. Personally, I put forward the Sepsis Trust charity after listening to the CEO on Radio 4 and it’s sparking some ideas with me about how technology and Microsoft can help. This made me think how many people are affected by the infection and if Microsoft can spend some time with them, maybe we can find out ideas.