Coway Airmega AP-1512HHS review A stylish and effective

Coway Airmega AP-1512HHS review: A stylish and effective

Built-in Kauai Airmega AP-1512 HSS compact, reliable and relatively quiet (and best of all) can wipe out the most harmful airborne particles from the house without producing much bitters.

The update to the respected Airmega AP-1512HH, comes in the same elegant and slim shell as its predecessor to the AP-1512HHS, adding smart features that allow you to control the device remotely or with Alexa Voice or Google Assistant controls.

You can keep up to $ 300 ap-1512hhs for a schedule, as well as monitor indoor and outdoor air quality using the IoCare mobile app. Setup is easy and perfect operation around the layout (except for the occasional grows when the fan is spread to its highest settings).


This seems important when it comes to a device that is clearly sitting in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room; First of all, in order for the air purifier to work properly and effectively, it must be kept in a relatively central place with the least amount of free space around it, which means you cannot place it in a corner or under a table.

With its rounded corners, glossy plastic surface and elegant look ring on the front, the Airmega AP-1512 HSS is capable of sounding like a stylish subwoofer than a 16.8 x 18.3 x 9.6-inch Air Purifier, and that’s a good thing.

The integrated handle lets you capture and move 12.3lbs of devices rated up to 325 square feet in relative comfort.

Buttons and Cursors

The AP-1512HHS has power and fan speed buttons (including automatic and ‘eco’ settings, which we’ll cover immediately), a Wi-Fi switch, and a filter reset button that you need to clean or replace when air filters on the unit. Will be enlightened.

There is also a large indicator light that illuminates blue air quality “good”, blue violet when air quality is considered “unhealthy” and red-AP-1512HH detects “very unhealthy” air pollutant levels.

You can turn off the brightly lit indicator in a dark room by switching the light button on.

Air filter

Let’s talk a bit more about AP-1512HH filters. First, there is a “pre-filter” network that acts as the first line of defense against dust, hair and other large airborne particles.

Then there is Kauai’s “Max 2” filter, which in addition to the “real” HPA filter (shortening of highly efficient air particles) is made up of honeycomb activated carbon filters.

Combined filters are classified as 99.97 percent of the air particles of 0.3 microns, including fine dust, mold, pollen and even cigarette smoke.

The prefilter can be cleaned once or twice a month with water or a vacuum cleaner, while the Max 2 bi-part filter needs to be replaced annually.

An optional set of Max2 filters will set you back $ 70, so you should keep the price of your AP-1512H sticker.

Setup, mobile apps and smart features

From opening the box to handling it, the Kawai Airmega AP-1512HS took less than 10 minutes to operate.

Once the airmega is removed from its packing material, you can remove the front cover and remove the pre-filter with a few plastic tabs on the upper edge of the assembly, then remove the two-part Max 2 filter.

When you are finished, you (gently) remove the filter from their bags and put them back in the airmega, lift the front cover again and press the power button.

Installing the Kauai IoCare application and registering with Airmega is also an easy process.

The app lets you identify the Airmega model by scanning the barcode; When it’s done, the app finds the air freshener’s Wi-Fi signal and connects it to the Wi-Fi network.

The hurdle I encountered was that the AP-1512HHS (like many smart home devices, unfortunately) is only compatible with the 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi network, which means I had to temporarily disable the 5GHz band on my router to get airmega calls.

Connected to Airmega Wi-Fi, you can control all its features using the IoCare app.

In addition to turning the air purifier on and off, you can adjust the fan speed, switch to automatic mode or the energy-efficient “environmentally friendly” fan mode, set the sleep timer, or turn the air quality indicator on or off.

You can also set one or more schedules to turn on and off Airmega at certain times and days of the week.

Editing or deleting tables is easy, though it takes some time to prove, you must first drag a table entry from right to left.

The app offers monthly, weekly, and hourly charcoal charts that describe home air quality, as well as outdoor outdoor air quality brought online through the EPA’s Airno program.

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