Ahead of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the Congress has prepared a huge task list aimed at addressing the BJP. On paper, this seems less than a revolution, which the party aims to create.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, Congress led by Sonia Gandhi launched a nationwide mass incitement over the economic downturn.

In a letter to party leaders and activists, the Secretary-General of the All India Commission (AICC) KC Venugopal mentioned an action plan in this regard.

To prepare an action plan for the Movement from 15 to 25 October, it is scheduled to communicate with an intensive membership campaign for the Action Plan, a popular communication program (hitherto designated) through coordinators.

The issues of nationalism, secularism, political discourse and false propaganda by the BJP, and finally, the establishment of leadership.

The party held a meeting of representatives and chairpersons of local congressional committees (DCC) on September 30, where the movement could be finalized by a campaign plan up to the booth level.

However, it would be useful if the party had taken advantage of the kind occasion on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi to do some serious meditation before taking over the Narendra Modi government.

The party needs to understand that, like the building of leadership and communication “and the grassroots”, the tongue becomes hollow when workers at the state and provincial level, because of division and infiltration and the lack of strong leaders, is a kind of anger.

In this case, Madhya Pradesh is governed by Congress, which has caused considerable controversy over the selection of the PCC head for some time.

Despite a list of leaders, the top congressional leadership was unable to finalize the candidate for party leadership in the state.

After the name Jyotiraditya Scindia – who lost the Lok Sabha 2019 election from Jonah – came to this prestigious position, the leaders of various factions tried to stop him and present themselves as suitable candidates.

This was followed by a series of charges and counter-claims. So much so that Cindia threatened to “look for other options” if he was not elected.

The horror and chaos within Congress Madhya Pradesh is a reflection of the party’s position across the country and the declining power of the Gandhi family. A similar scenario is observed in states such as Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

The Action Plan refers to the need for membership campaign and outreach to youth. But does the party have the answers to the mass exodus of its leaders and workers, many of whom joined the BJP, the party against which the movement was targeted?

Consider Maharashtra, where the General Assembly election is in the corner.

State congressional leaders survived – including a Bollywood actor and Lok Sabha’s 2019 candidate (North Mumbai) Urmila Matundkar, and former Mumbai Congress President Kripashankar Singh, former opposition leader in the Maharashtra Radhakrishna Legislative Assembly Vicki Patil, a senior congressman.

Harshvardhan Patil and Abdul Sattar to name a few.

Given the situation, what could inspire new blood to join the fledgling party

The party suffered a major setback after the resignation of Rahul Gandhi from the party’s defeat in the Lok Sabha 2019 elections.

After her resignation, there remained uncertainty for more than 70 days until Sonia Gandhi was recalled as interim president.

But even that did not help Congress much, because the rot in the party began to develop long ago.

“We have been asked to conduct door-to-door campaigns to increase members, communicate with youth and communicate with the party’s views on important issues,” said one Congressman, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

But the problem arises when we ask counter-questions about factions, leadership problems, party views on nationalism, and so on.

In the same vein, another party worker from Gwalior said: “When Article 370 was abolished, we had to face this issue and there were conflicting views on the issue raised.

The Congress began the movement at the invitation of Mahatma Gandhi before the Lok Sabha elections.

Rahul Gandhi launched an all-out attack on Gandhi Jayanti last year against a government led by Narendra Modi in Warda, calling the prime minister a “liar.”

Despite incitement, the party was heavily defeated in the elections

AICC’s recent message from KC Venugopal mentioned the need for the participation of all front organizations, so that membership campaigns could be implemented across the country.

However, does Congress have any answer as to why it failed to rejuvenate Seva Dal, a front organization? The primary role of Seva Dal, established in 1924, was to link the senior leadership to grass-roots workers.

The old big party in India does not realize that in the past few years, it has failed to communicate with grassroots people.

The BJP’s most difficult challenge was at the grassroots level by Congress during successive elections.

The growing electoral success of the BJP is due to its strong and committed cadre, supported by strong ties with the voters of Rashtriya Swayamsivak Sang (RSS) and party workers.

On the other hand, Congress did not sponsor Sval Dahl, and over the decades it became another AICC body.