How Trump Undercuts His Own NASA Policy

Several months ago, the Trump administration announced an urgent need for Apollo to return to the moon within five years. On Friday, President Trump told Twitter that NASA seemed to be focusing on the wrong goal. The administration’s space policy aspects have been greatly appreciated, including a new focus onContinue Reading

How SpaceX Unveils Model Of Ship It Would

Its massive rocket upgrade was scheduled 11 years ago to coincide with the memory of a successful SpaceX launch for the first time. SpaceX’s satellite orbit and the International Space Station have the constant work of transporting cargo. But can the company achieve its founder’s goal of taking people toContinue Reading

Programmable herds help create flexible biological tools

Duke University’s biomedical engineers have developed a new platform for manufacturing biological drugs using specially designed bacteria that explode and secrete useful proteins when they feel the capsule is too crowded. Capsules can shrink in response to changes in the bacterial population. When it shrinks, the capsule squeezes the targetContinue Reading

Studies show that there is a 'radical' wrinkle in creating complex carbon molecules in space

A team of scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Laboratory) has discovered a new possible path to building carbon structures in space using a special chemical exploration technique. The team’s research has now identified several pathways in which molecules, known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs),Continue Reading