Boy: – तुम तो मुझसे नाराज थी ना?  कभी बात भी नहीं करने वाली थी, तो अब मैसेज क्यों कर रहीं हो? Girl: – थी नहीं अब भी हूँ। Boy: – तो बात क्यों कर रही हो अब? Girl: – मैं नाराज हूँ ना। तुम मुझे मना लो प्लीज… Boy:Continue Reading

At the point when banks charge 13% VAT on advance premium, the bank does not really commit an error, however it has an exceptional VAT status. Foundation: Banks are additionally business people inside the significance of the German Value Added Tax Act , and accordingly the lawful guidelines are likewiseContinue Reading

With shared assets, you can take an interest in the improvement of the whole economy with little sums . The venture organization gathers cash from numerous speculators and stores it in various stocks, bonds, products or land. Toward the finish of May 2018, the Germans had put in excess ofContinue Reading

Which vehicle insurance is Best and how would I discover it? Engine vehicle risk is a statutory prerequisite for each driver and their vehicle and must be finished before enlisting a vehicle at the enrollment office. So as to respond to the habitually posed inquiries about vehicle protection, you can,Continue Reading

Boy: – Hii Girl: – Hello Boy: – कैसी हो आप? Girl: – मैं ठीक हूँ ।आप बताओ? Boy: -मैं भी ठीक हूँ। Girl: – hmm Boy: – मैं आपसे एक बात करना चाहता हूं। Girl: – हाँ कहिये। Boy: – आपको बुरा तो नहीं लगेगा न… Girl: – नहीं।Continue Reading

Girl: – आज तुमसे कुछ शिकायतें करनी है जरा ध्यान से सुनना… Boy: – हां सुन रहा हूँ… (लड़का चुप रहता है) Girl: -देखा नहीं कभी गुस्से की नज़र से मुझे पर अब क्यों नाराज करके मुझे तुम बेफिक्र हो जाते हो…? ( लड़का चुप चाप सब सुनता जाता है)Continue Reading

लड़की अपने bf से: -सुनो एक बात पूछूँ? लड़का: -अगर न कहू तो नहीं पुछोगी? लड़की: -of course पूछूँगी। लड़का: -तो पूछो। लड़की: -अगर life में कोई भी problem आएगी तो मुझे छोड़ दोगे? लड़का: – नहीं पता वो तो समय बताएगा। लड़की: – hmm समय बताएगा, वैसे I LOVEContinue Reading

Man finds happiness, sees and does not win, because his mind and body are not healthy. Anxiety, fear, apprehension, sadness are such prohibitive expressions that make every person careless about both its existence and identity. Being good or bad does not happen in the hands of a person, circumstance or other person. ItContinue Reading

Many of us may remember from our childhoods the first time we picked up a stone and tossed it into a lake. We may recall with our mind’s eye the ripples that formed in the water. Once pristine, the image in the lake wavered and broke. We might have learnedContinue Reading