‘The Rescue’ Film Review

Constructed around spectacular and diverse disaster sequences between a burning oil-rig, a crashed jet-liner along with a sinking boat, in addition, it offers finds time to get a tangle of soap opera sub-plots, together with interludes for humor, intense romance and medical catastrophe. Anchored with a charismatic twist from Lam’s regular celebrity Eddie Peng as … Read more‘The Rescue’ Film Review

‘Bluebird’ Film Review

As affectionate as a love letter but as large as a infomercial, Brian Loschiavo’s”Bluebird” could be of interest to casual or recently transformed country music lovers that have wondered about the songwriters behind these tunes. There is a better than even-money possibility that anybody who is a longtime aficionado of this genre has a nodding … Read more‘Bluebird’ Film Review

Film Review: ‘The Sower’

Another version of”The Sower,” Marine Francen’s poised and miniature freshman feature, could have contained the long, fairly remarkable story behind its literary origin. Some mode of movie adaptation was unavoidable. Francen’s, nevertheless, honors Ailhaud by telling just the story that she wrote, albeit with subtly updated language and aesthetics, underlining its enduringly provocative sex politics … Read moreFilm Review: ‘The Sower’

The House By The Sea Film Review

You know exactly what to expect from veteran auteur Robert Guédiguian, Herehe teams with spouse Ariane Ascaride for the 19th time in this mournful reflection about the irrevocable changes that time wreaks on both places and people. Frequent collaborators Gérard Meylan and Jean-Pierre Darroussin additionally reunite and Guédiguian poignantly repurposes a chunk of those younger … Read moreThe House By The Sea Film Review