Best Designer Winter Boots for 2019

Although New York Fashion Week doesn’t seem optimistic about spring, the rest of us expect harsh weather in the future. Fortunately, despite the low temperatures, but in the new style – with Labor Day in the rearview mirror, designers and shops officially exchanged their summer stock with winter equipment. InContinue Reading

Monitoring Capitalism and Anti Capitalism

Over the years, computer scientists and business people feeding the Silicon Valley have undergone a frightening series of changes. Once they were brat. He was the best singer on the Big Bang Theory TV show, and for a short time was a superhero. (If you’re wondering, Geeks wonders about genderContinue Reading

The joy and angst of facebook

You may have heard of all the reasons – checking obsessive feeds, coercing publication about ordinary events, anger at not publishing, and pressure from friends to post political opinions or share posts from graphic sources. One day later, I changed my mind, for one basic reason that may sound familiar:Continue Reading